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What Have You Forgotten?

Yesterday was Sunday and I didn’t have anything in particular on the day’s agenda.   I sat down in my office, but soon realized that I was absolutely burned out sitting in this chair, in front of this computer.  No doubt, I could have found a thousand things to do, even very productive things.  But I sure didn’t want to waste the day vegging or watching TV and it was raining outside.  The laundry was done…house was clean (thanks to a dear daughter).  So, what to do?

Here’s what I came up with. 

I have been doing business online only since Jan 1, 2010.  That same month, I attended an Online Revenue Builders Worship in Las Vegas, taught by Connie Ragen Green, Dr. Jeanette Cates and Lisa Suttora.  I realized after that workshop how very little I knew.  I began to strategically purchase info products, eCourses, and training that would benefit me.  Most of what I have benefitted from the most has come from Connie and Jeanette.  They’re two of the very brightest woman in cyberspace.  I’ve been with Connie three times and with Jeanette twice, and they’re not only brilliant, they’re gracious. 

So, back to my Sunday story…

I decided that I would review all the material I have received from Connie.  In order to work without being in front of the computer, I decided that I would print out all that I could and put it into a big notebook with appropriate dividers and move to my den in a big comfy chair.  It filled a big book.  All of her webinars and audio training would have to wait.  My goal was to get away from the computer for a day.  I took extra paper for notes, my favorite writing pen, and a highlighter.  I began to work through the material that I had paid for (and much that Connie just gave away – I told you she’s gracious). 

What I discovered was amazing!

First of all, I found that I had digested a lot of information and put into practice many of the lessons I had been taught.  Because of that, I’m making money online. However, I also discovered that I had either overlooked or forgotten much more than I had retained.  I was astonished! So I started working my way through the material, making copious notes and from those notes, I made action plans (How about that, Helen!)  I even found an entire report that Connie had given me on Squidoo Lenses.  And to think I had scrapped my way through it on my own, when this fabulous material was just sitting there.  I did have to go get my laptop and type in a few links to get a full perspective on what was being taught.  But 90% of what I accomplished was done computer-free. 

It was a great day, and I felt renewed and encouraged at the end, which was after midnight.  How much really good stuff do you have sitting on your hard drive that you could benefit from reviewing?  I encourage you to set aside a “Review Day.”

Let me know if you think this could be in your best interest.  I’d like to think I’m not the only one in this same situation.  Maybe we could do a teleseminar and compare notes.