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The Power of Words – Let’s Look at Email

There is power in words – always has been and always will be. No matter how sophisticated and “digital” we get, communication all boils down to words, and I don’t think real books are ever going away.

It’s the 4th of July weekend, and I pulled up the American Declaration of Independence online and read it in its entirety. It seems that our forefathers really had a way with words – so succinct, so simple, yet so powerful.

So, you may be wondering where in the world I am going with all this talk about words. Well, believe it or not, I want to talk about email. I think our world revolves around email these days in the business sector. There is a stream of information taking place on a daily basis that would simply be unfathomable less than a lifetime ago. I’ve even heard of some large corporations hiring an “Information and Knowledge Director” to their staffs. Email is the largest vehicle for this stream of information. Yet, most companies do not offer any training or set any standards concerning the use of email.

This lack of standardization and guidance for email use is getting some businesses into hot water, but even for those who aren’t into any discernable trouble, there are provable wastes in terms of time and ultimately, profits.

I believe the reason for this misuse of the powerful communication tool of email, is that email just kind of sneaked up on us. When I was in high school, we actually prepared for what would be required of us in a business setting – typing, shorthand, clear business writing skills, just to mention a few. But who remembers a course in high school or college teaching us how to properly use email? My guess is no one. It just slowly became the “way” to communicate in the business world. I’d have to think hard to trace it back to its beginnings in my entrepreneurial life.

I think that it’s time to pay closer attention to how we use email. Companies, even small companies need to set some standards and guidelines concerning email. I am currently in the process of writing an online course for that purpose. I believe it’s that important.

You can get a free video training on my company website entitled “Top Ten Inexcusable Email Errors” by clicking on Business Training Team and then choosing “Free Courses” from the left side bar. I invite you to take advantage of this to help you to begin to think about the power of proper email use.