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Here I Go Again – Join Me in the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

Hello!  It’s August 1, and I can hardly believe that 2/3 of the summer is gone!

Usually, I take it easy in August and crank things into high gear in September, but this year, I took some time away from my normal schedule in July, and I’m ready to crank things up in August!  Kind of a warm-up for the 4th quarter.

To kick things off, I’d like to announce that I’m off and running to another 30-day blogging challenge (actually this one is 31 days).  This time it’s the “Ultimate Blog Challenge” (see the banner on the left) and the Twitter hashtag is #blogboost.

Can I talk any of you into joining us?

I’ve completed two other 30-day challenges this year and the results were well worth the effort.  For one thing, it got me into the habit of writing something everyday.  It forced me to organize my thoughts, and the best thing is that I met some fantastic new friends online.  Some I have done joint ventures with, and others I have purchased their products; some have purchased my products.

So, here we go…off to another great adventure!  If you’d like to join in, it’s free – all it will cost you is your time!  Click on the banner ad here on the left.

Even if you don’t join me in the Ultimate Blog Challenge, come back often as I have some exciting new things to tell you about right here on my blog.

Take Care,