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Tips to Get Your Goals to Sprout Wings and Fly

We all know the power of goals, the power of vision, and the power of direction.  But once we know what our goals are, how to we give life to them?  There is a favorite Scripture of mine – Proverbs 29:18.  It says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” I’ll paraphrase it, using some other translations:  “If people can’t see with clarity what God is doing in and through their lives, they’ll stumble all over themselves…but when they attend to what has been revealed, they are most blessed.” Wow!  That says a lot.  And to think it was written centuries ago – it sounds so relevant, doesn’t it?

Here are some great tips to consider:

Write down your goals – thoroughly and completely.  I’ll also use Scripture to illustrate my first tip.  It’s from the Old Testament – Habakkuk 2:2-3.  It says “Write the vision plainly – write it in big letters so that it can be read while you’re running with it.  It will be read by others and it will not lie.  It may be slow in coming, but wait patiently and it will happen right on time.” Again, that’s my paraphrase, using several different translations.  What can we take from this?

In today’s language, this would mean to write it down in a journal, or a blog, and publish it.  Get your vision out there for others to see.  God instructed Habakkuk to write the vision down in such a way that would motivate others who see it to get on board – and run with it.  I figure God’s instructions are probably good for me, too.

This brings me to my second point – Make it real by sharing with others. There is a part of this Scripture that makes me think that God expects us to have the kind of vision that includes others – motivating, training and bringing them along for the prize at the end.  It is helpful to know that your writing, your journals, your blogs have a greater purpose than just what you can see momentarily.  So, for goodness sakes, get going in writing down your vision and your goals.

Third point – Challenge yourself! There are some things that have done that are simply for the joy of the challenge.  I’ll give you an example.  It’s this article you’re reading (which I have repurposed into a blog post).  I am a Platinum Status Author on eZineArticles.com and I write regularly.  Some articles are for the sheer fun of the story, and other articles are meant to help small business owners with challenges they face.  A couple months ago, I saw that eZine was having a writing challenge – “Hundred Articles in a Hundred Days.”  You had to complete that challenge with articles of more than 400 words each.  I didn’t even see the challenge until it was more than 2 weeks into the hundred days.  Could I do it?  Well, what did I stand to lose?  Even if I couldn’t catch up by writing multiple articles in a daily basis, so what?  I would at least have a lot of new articles to use for blog posts, and to attract others to my eZine account.  So, I took the challenge.  It will be over in about 5 days, and I’m right on target.  YEA!  My point is this:  There is no big prize, no monetary benefit (at least not directly) and when my husband keeps asking me why I’m doing this, I tell him, “Just because it will feel good to complete it! And I can say I did it.”  So, challenge yourself…find ways that will stretch your skills, but aren’t impossible.  You will become a more productive person in all areas of your life when you are always reaching for more.

You will see a banner on the left of this page.  It’s concerning the Ultimate Blogging Challenge.  If you are a blogger, even a beginner, click on that link and challenge yourself!  It’s free but it will pay off in spades.  What are you waiting for?

Please leave a comment and tell me about your goals – have you written them down?  Have you shared them with others?  Are you challenging yourself?