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Three eMail Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make

The use of email has become the norm for most of us today, both in our personal and professional lives. Your email is saying a lot more than you realize. Are you aware of the hidden messages you’re sending?

Here are three email errors you cannot afford to make:

1. Sloppy writing, poor spelling and bad grammar

I know that’s really three items, but they’re closely enough related to put them into one category. I’m not suggesting that everyone needs to be an English major, but everyone can use spell-check at the very least. If you are writing an important email, and you don’t trust your spelling and grammar, for goodness sakes, have someone else proof it for you. Then, pay attention to the corrections; it’s never too late to learn. To send an email full of spelling and grammatical errors indicates that you aren’t prone to pay attention to detail, and that could hurt you in a business environment.

2. No Subject Line

This is the one mistake you really don’t want to ever make. It’s inexcusable and it conveys many messages. Let’s consider what those messages might be. It might say you’re just too lazy to say what it is you’re writing about. Or, it might mean that you don’t consider it important enough. Or worse yet, it might imply that you’re so arrogant that you don’t feel you should have to announce your topic. A thoughtful and accurate subject line will almost guarantee that your email will be opened and read.

3. Not changing the subject line when the subject changes.

If you are forwarding or replying, creating or participating in a “thread” and you’re changing the subject, then take the time to change your subject line. Your recipients will thank you, when it comes time to search through hundred or thousands of emails and find the one referring to the exact subject matter at hand.

Here’s a Bonus Tip for you:

If you receive an important email and it has a subject line that is either not relevant to the topic or completely missing, just forward it to yourself and add the pertinent subject line. Then you can file it away in your Outlook or other email program and always be able to find it when you need it.

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