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The Power of Anticipation

It seems that everywhere I look right now, I am aware of anticipation.  When a thing is repeated, in my daily thought life or in actuality,  I take that as a sign to think about it and study it…to see what life lesson is staring me in the face.  I think I’m onto something here.

We have two really good seasons here in the south – spring and fall.  Summer is oppressive and winter almost non-existent.  So, right now it’s a wonderful time of the year.  I have anticipated this season.  I am now anticipating the summer veggies and luscious ripe tomatoes.  I am anticipating the hibiscus and the crepe Myrtle trees blooming (Myrtle Beach was named after these pink and red beauties).   I am anticipating the water temperature in my pool warming up about another 15 degrees so the grand-kids can come over and swim without their teeth chattering and their lips turning blue.  (They got in the pool Easter weekend and that’s what happened!)

In my business, I have laid a foundation this past year.  I have forged new paths.   I have traveled many miles to attend workshops and conferences, I have paid for mentoring, I have studied with successful people , I have purchased products and tools, I have studied, and slept way less than I ever thought possible.  I have met many new, interesting and encouraging friends along the way.  It has not seemed like work…because I am anticipating the reward.  That anticipation is powerful and a welcomed state of being.

The great English poet, Samuel Johnson (mid-1700’s) said this:  “Such is the state of life, that none are happy but by the anticipation of change.”

Anticipation is not the same as just waiting.  Sometimes people who just wait, do nothing or very little but just wait…and wait…and wait.  No!  Anticipation is powerful and it moves us to action and brings us great joy.

If you are one of the friends with whom I have worked, or if you are a new friend who is cheering me on, I say THANK YOU!

And I anticipate great things for us all this year!