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Getting Away to Renew My Spirit and Energy

My "Little Men"

Wow…it’s been a long busy month and we have 5 more days to go.  Ideas, projects, normal workload, new tasks, a complete restructuring of my online business/website, customer service, training time, administrative work, a major remodeling job at my house, tons of visitors (I live at the beach, remember?), a major hardware upgrade to my telecommunications switch…all these things have made my life very crowded and I’m feeling a bit drained.

These days, when I feel this coming on, I recognize it before it gets out of control.  It hasn’t always been that way.  The tidal waves used to crash into the beach and carry me out to sea before I realized I was drowning.  I suppose age and experience have increased my ability to navigate my way into calmer waters and safe harbor, if you don’t mind the aqua metaphors.

So, what will I do about this?  Well, I’m taking a short road trip for the next 3 days.  Driving to Florida.  My son and his wife and my two “little men” are moving from FL to Texas, and I want to spend a few days with them before they’re 1200 miles away from me, instead of an easy 6 hour drive.  I will spend time in the car without much use of my phone and certainly no computer.  I’ll leave the radio off and I don’t think I’ll even listen to CD’s or Audio Books.  I’m feeling the effects of information overload and I don’t want to add to it right now.  I’ll probably just think and pray.  Since prayer is a two-way communication, I expect I’ll be listening a lot, too.

I’m sure my two days in FL will fly by and other than writing a blog post each day, I’ll leave anything but emergencies back at the office.  I’ll have lots of  “little boy” time (they’re 3 and 5) and I’m sure at least one quiet evening just hanging out with my son and his wife after the kids are all tucked in.  I’ll go to bed on time knowing the little guys are up early, and I’ll sleep well.  It will be a good weekend.

I’ll come back to the same hectic life I left, and I don’t know how or why, but it won’t seem the same after some downtime.  Getting away, even when it seems we are just too busy, is a necessary thing to do on a regular basis.  I know that some people plan ahead for these times.  I’m not that organized, but I applaud you if you are.  I think the important thing here is that you recognize when you are beginning to feel overwhelmed and tired, and that you take action of some kind. I know one friend who takes a vacation at home.  She sends everyone away — kids, husband — and she turns her phone and computer off, and stocks up on easy food and a few good books and her journal.  She’ll spend 2 or 3 days at home and have the time of her life.  When the rest of her family comes home, she’s ready to pick it back up and move on, refreshed.

We’ve become a wonderful supportive community in these past months.  And if you’re a new reader, you’re invited to join us on this online journey.  I’d really like to hear some of your thoughts on this subject.

How do you handle times of impending burnout?

Leave your comments below.  If you Subscribe to my blog, you’ll be able to easily see all the comments and replies .

To Florida I go…