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Sunday School to Twitter – The Trinity of Everything

Years ago, I was taught in Sunday School about the Trinity – the great Three In One concept of God as Father, Spirit and Son.  I now like to think of it as Father, Mother and Son, but that’s another post for another day (or maybe not at all!) The thing I want to talk about here is the whole concept of Trinity – groups of three, and the power thereof.

Being a creative thinker and more of a right-brained person, I had no trouble understanding the mystery of the Trinity.  And as I grew older, I saw this Trinitarian concept all around me.  Just think about it.  Let’s consider:

  • Time – Past, Present, Future.
  • Matter – Liquid, Solid, Gas.
  • Dimensions – Height, Width, Depth.
  • Primary colors – Red, Green, Blue
  • Fire – Fuel, Heat, Oxygen
  • An Egg – Shell, White, Yolk
  • Nature of Man – Spirit, Soul, Body
  • Nature of Light – Chemical, Heat and Light Rays
  • A Tree – Roots, Trunk, Branches

Already, you’ve probably thought of more examples.  I’ve always got my eye out for another example; it’s just a fun little game I play with myself.  If you think of more, just tell in in a comment – I’d love to hear about it.

And that brings me to my final point – Here I am again, involved in something with three parts.  I call it the three-legged stool of marketing:  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Yes, I know there is WAY more to marketing than these three things, but I think it’s a strong foundation on which to build our new-world way of thinking about marketing and developing our “digital handshake” so to speak.

Last month, my partner, Sue, and I were talking about what products to launch for our online training business.  We decided to zero in on these three foundational vehicles of modern marketing.  We have done a free webinar for the past three weeks, emphasizing one each week.  Those free webinars can be accessed at Business Training Team for replay.  Just click on Free Webinars on the left sidebar.

Then, we decided to develop full-length, in-depth video courses on each of these three subjects. Two of them are ready and you can purchase them here:

Make Twitter WorkThis one is ready for purchase and download now

Make Facebook Pages Work – This one is almost ready, but you can go ahead and opt-in and we’ll email when it’s ready.

The last one on LinkedIn will be ready within a week.  Check back at BusinessTrainingTeam or watch for my Tweets.  These courses are comprehensive, hands-on, step-by-step training for an unbelievably low price – just $27 per course.  The Twitter course alone has over 25 videos in it.


PS…You’re not alone if you’re wondering how I got from Sunday School to Twitter all in one blog post.

If you have any questions, please email me at Jeanne@businesstrainingteam.com