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The Lesson I Learned When My Tire Blew Out

My husband and I love to ride our BMW motorcycles.  One day I was riding alone on a country road.  Everything was perfect – I could smell spring in the air; it was one of those glorious days for riding.  Then, the ride became bumpy and I struggled to keep control, wildly looking around for a good place to land if I needed to jump off and roll.  I finally came to a stop, (no, I didn’t wreck or fall off) caught my breath and took stock of the situation.  I was a couple miles from home, I had forgotten my cell phone, the rear tire was completely blown out, and the bike was too heavy for me to move.  Good thing I was on the edge of the road.  While I was standing there thinking (nothing much was coming to mind) a red pickup truck came by and the driver rolled down his window and said, “You need some help?”  No false pride here.  I yelled “YES!!”  The man turned out to be one of my neighbors whom I had never met.  He drove to his house where he hitched up his bike trailer (a Harley guy, no less – you know, they always trailer their bikes somewhere, then ride around!)  So he and I got the bike up the ramp onto the trailer, and he drove me to the local dealership where they put on a new tire (You don’t plug motorcycle tires).   He took me home and even offered to come back and pick me up to go get the bike later that afternoon.  I declined that offer as my hubby was able to finish the job.  We now had a new friend and a neighbor.

So, you’re asking, “What’s this got to do with business?”  The point is, no matter how good we are (I’m an experienced and safe rider), we find ourselves needing help from time to time.  How silly it would have been if I had said, “No, thanks, I’m fine.”  I’m sure the guy would have thought that I deserved to sit on the side of the road had I said that.

So, where do you need help?  What’s your weakness?  What new skill would improve your life and business?

Last year I partnered with an incredibly talented and experienced business woman to form Business Training Team, an online company designed to provide affordable training for small business owners, entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, sales professionals and home-based businesses.  Larger corporations pay travel expenses and big seminar fees.  We decided to offer training from experts from a variety of backgrounds to deliver world-class training via videos.  It has been a smashing success.  One of our core values is to give away as much as possible.  In that spirit, we keep a small library of free courses available to anyone who needs the help.  Just logon to BusinessTrainingTeam.com and look on the left sidebar – the last link is Free Courses. Take a test drive – it’s on the house!

Don’t be shy – get HELP before your tires blow!  And if you’re a rider – ride safe and ride far.