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Small Business – the Heartbeat of America

 I’ve been traveling now for eight days.  I’ve been through many cities, airports, and I’ve talked to scores of people and even made some exciting new friends with whom I will stay in touch. Almost everyone I’ve encountered is involved in the small business segment of the American economy.  I’m more convinced than ever that small business is the very heartbeat of America. 

 I, myself, have been a small business owner for more than 20 years.  Long ago, I overcame the fear of the responsibility of generating sufficient income for me and my family.  In fact, I consider it an honor to be counted among the most courageous and creative people on the planet. 

Without the budget and support of large corporate systems, small business owners have the responsibility to continually assess their own needs and find the business tools and ideas that will keep them on the cutting edge, with regard to marketing and growing their businesses as well as operating efficiently. 

 I can recommend several ways of achieving this:

1.  A good Networking/Leads Club.  You will find local groups who meet at any time of day that suits your schedule. 

2.  Involvement in a good Chamber of Commerce.  Notice I said, “good.”  Be sure to involve yourself, and give it a fair shot.  If you find that it does not meet your expectations, move on.

3.  Form a Mastermind Group.  Look for business owners with whom you can share ideas, tips, and exchange authentic communication concerning your concerns.            I always recommend trying to find a group where there are people who have grown beyond where you are, but where you still have something to offer.  If you don’t find a group, look to start one yourself.  Take your time to make sure the mix of the group is what you really want, so you don’t have to start all over.

4.  Find some great online support. 

As you can see, taking care of your small business and growing it in tough economic times is best done in the company of like-minded friends who can come along beside you.  We help each other, we have stronger businesses, and we have WAY more fun.

Logon to:  http://www.businesstrainingteam.com to see what I’ve put together for you.