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Seeds of Time – The Difference in Success and Poverty

The Currency of Earth

To be aware of time is one of the biggest differences between people living in poverty and people enjoying prosperity.

Time is our greatest gift.

Time is the currency of earth.

When I go to the grocery store on a Friday afternoon, I observe people with carts full of beer and junk food, and stopping on the way out to buy lottery tickets.  They’re trading their time for what’s important to them.  It’s easy to see that most of these folks aren’t living much above the poverty level.  They aren’t aware enough of time to realize they’ve traded their greatest gift for cheap entertainment.  When we spend two hours watching TV, those are two hours we DIDN’T do something else. The examples could go on and on…

Management of time is a habit of the prosperous.  An indifferent attitude toward time is a pretty solid indicator that you’ll live a life of mediocrity at best.  Have you ever met a prosperous person who was not conscious of time?  If someone says, “Let’s grab a cup of coffee together,” or “Let’s just hang out together for awhile,” are you aware of what you’re trading?  Now, don’t think I’m encouraging ignoring good friends and never having any downtime.  But, let’s be aware of the difference of investing or squandering our time.  Friendships are valuable and when we sow seeds of time, they flourish.  So it is with anything in life — when we sow the seeds of time, talents are developed, skills are sharpened, creativity comes to life.

Greatness is purchased with the currency of time.  How are you spending yours?