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Row, Row, Row Your Boat – to Business Success!

I live in Myrtle Beach and every spring we have the “Dragon Boat Races.”  A keyword search will tell you it’s the fastest-growing water sport in the world.  These boats are 41 feet long and weigh a little over 500 pounds.  Yet, they skim along with incredible speed thanks to the team of rowers in the boat who are perfectly synchronized with their rowing.

As I watched these boat races, it occurred to me that the rowers are PULLING the boat through the water, not PUSHING.  Is there a lesson here for small business marketing?

I think so.  We’ve heard the term “attraction marketing.”  It’s kind of a buzz word right now; there’s even a book by the same title.  It means, in essence, that we’re “pulling” clients and prospects to us, not “pushing” information out to them.

It’s a new way of thinking about marketing.  Most of us were brought up with the idea that marketing meant advertising, and advertising was a matter of finding all the ways possible to push out message to the most people.  We used radio, TV, direct mail and other creative ways to get our message and our name “out there.”

Another term for this old-fashioned kind of marketing is “interruptive marketing.”  We interrupted people with our message, with the hopes that some mud would stick to the walls to the listening public.

Now, a new day has dawned, and we need to think in terms of attracting people to us.

How to do this?  Good question.

Know exactly who your target market is (your niche).

  1. Get them to give you their name and email address (opt-in pages on your web site and blog)
  2. Begin to have a conversation with your audience and give high-value content in the form of “freebies” in order to establish a relationship.
  3. Get in on the Social Media “conversation” – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  4. Start a business blog.

Do these things seem intimidating?  Do these goals seem unreachable?

Don’t fret.  I’ll help get you started with baby steps and hold your hand all the way.

To start with, just fill out your name and email address on the left of the page and I’ll send you a free eBook called Local Marketing on the Internet.