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Preparing for Smooth Sailing – A Lesson I Learned at Lunch

I was outside yesterday afternoon, enjoying lunch with friends.  We were at one of the best oceanfront dining locations along the whole Grand Strand (as our beach is called).  From our dining vantage point, we could not only see the waves rolling in to the wide sandy beach, but there were a variety of water sports going on out there.  First, there were the jet skis.  Then I saw folks parasailing, wind-surfing, and just plain ol’ surfing on boards of all different sizes.  It was a colorful display of watercraft and sails against the azure blue of the Atlantic Ocean.  The weather was even perfect.  Not too hot, and not much humidity.  This spring has been awesome, and we keep waiting for the hammer to drop and both temperature and humidity will rise to unbearable levels almost overnight.  But yesterday, it was just right.

Then, the longer I watched, I began to see some disturbing things.  You see, riding jet skis into the ocean surf is not the same as launching one into a calm lake or the Intracoastal Waterway.  I saw a few bodies flying off the jet skis and a lifeguard jumping into the surf for assistance, while another onlooker swam out to the jet ski itself which was bobbing precariously on the waves.  People were literally and figuratively, “over their heads.”  A parasailer came down for a landing and hit the sand a little too hard.  Sea shells aren’t the best ground cover for falling, and I saw a couple bloodied knees from that crash.  Of course, there were the typical wipe-outs from inexperienced surfers, and wind-surfers.  Maybe this wasn’t so relaxing after all.

Then, as my mind tends to do, I began to consider the lesson I could take away from all this.  I think I have it:  If you’re going to play in the ocean with big toys, you’d better be well-trained or you could crash and get hurt.

So, what does this mean to me or you?  It means that if we want smooth sailing in our business or even our personal lives, we need some training and some practice.  So, first, let’s figure out what we’re already really good at, and work from there.  I know what my strengths are.  And I’m painfully aware of my weaknesses.  How about you?  If you need help with assessing these, enlist the help of a trusted friend or co-worker.  It’s usually not a good idea to involve your spouse or “significant other” because it might get a little tense; it’s tough to take criticism from those the very closest to us.  Maybe if you’ve been married or together a REALLY long time and have most of the bugs worked out of your relationship.

Now, when you have the strengths and weaknesses all figured out and written down, think about how you might go about shoring up these areas.  I’ll give you an example from my life.  I’m a terrible organizer.  I work at it constantly because left to my own devices, I’d drown in piles of things and I’d never find anything.  I know I will probably always need help.

I’m using Dr. Jeanette Cates’ organization software.  Here’s my affiliate link, and  if you think you need help, too, just CLICK HERE for more info.  It’s worth its weight in gold.  When I launched my online business, Business Training Team, I found I was buying the same products twice, and one time I actually went into a mega bookstore here and bought the same book twice in the same week. This software helps me keep track of passcodes, affiliate links, auto-responder emails, info products and eBooks I’ve purchased, and the list goes on…

Business Training Team was started to help small business owners, sales professionals and solo-preneurs have the resource they need to get the training needed to move their businesses forward without breaking the bank, so to speak. If you feel you need training in any area, from setting up QuickBooks, to Microsoft Office software, or customer service training that can be put to use in your business, I invite you to visit the site and take a look.  It’s so reasonably priced, it almost begs the question, “How can so much cost so little?”  Our website is http://www.businesstrainingteam.com I invite you to come on over and take a look.

Cheers!  And I hope to see you all  enjoying smooth sailing