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Parting Words – To The 30-Day Bloggers!

30-Day Blogging Challenge is OVER!

Here it is — June 30!  The end of a 30-day blogging challenge, sponsored by Jeanette Cates, an unbelievably talented and supportive marketing mentor.  This is the second blog challenge for me this year, the first in April, sponsored by Connie Ragen Green.  This one was a little more challenging on several levels.  First, it was a busier time for me with several out-of-town trips, some major projects on my plate with my other business, and with a major re-structuring of my online business.  I live in Myrtle Beach, and as you can imagine, when school is out, family comes out of the woodwork, so to speak, to visit good ol’ Aunt Jeanne.  June has literally been a whirlwind. 

Some nights, I would sit at my computer, nearly brain-dead and with hardly an ounce of strength left in me, and wonder — what do I have to offer today?  But, you know what?  I always came up with something — something unique to me, something original, and something that I almost always re-purposed into an eZine article.  You see, I also signed up for a “Hundred Articles in a Hundred Days” challenge sponsored by eZineArticles.com.  So I really have learned a lot about repurposing.  I’ve also learned about a lot of silly mistakes that can get your articles kicked back for a little tweaking.  I have 40 days left in that challenge, and I’m a few days behind, but doing pretty well.  Those articles have to be at least 400 words long, so that’s why my blog posts are that long, too.  I didn’t want to have to re-write. 

The last reason this challenge was more challenging is that is just flatly had way more people participating.  I simply could not keep up with all the commenting on the sites that I wanted to keep up with.  I came out of the first challenge in April with about a half-dozen new friends with whom I know for a fact I will have long-lasting relationships.  Then, all of a sudden, here were 200+ new people.  And they were great!  They all deserved lots of attention.  I felt like I needed another 5 or 6 hours in each day just to visit their blogs, comment, and try to build relationships.  To all of you who have not heard from me — I apologize.  It was not intentional.  And to my “old” friends — let’s please stay in touch. 

I have a couple of JV’s (joint ventures) still in the works from the April challenge, and who knows what will happen from this one!

Jeanette — Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for putting this together.  Your reputation and credibility made it attractive for the cream of the crop to participate.