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New Technologies to Love in 2010

Any who uses technology for fun or business knows that one thing is constant – and that is change.  Nothing stays the same for long.  I remember back in the mid-1980’s when 100 mg hard drives were considered really high-end.  Now, I have some files that are larger than that!  The changes are so rapid it almost makes you want to NOT purchase what you really need because you know as soon as it’s paid for, some new, improved, and faster version of it will appear.

Again, we’re in warp speed with new technology.  I thought it might be fun to just review what’s coming for the remainder of 2010.

  1. HD will really come of age in 2010.  The technology itself has been around for several years.  But even if you bought, say, an HD television, your compatible input feeds were limited.  That is now rapidly changing and HD is becoming the standard everyone will grow to expect and love.  While the upper-end digital SLR cameras can capture HD video, now the less expensive Flip camcorders or the popular Zi6 models have an HD version.  You will begin to see much more consumer-level HD generated content on video sharing sites, such as YouTube.
  2. Tablets may be the hottest new device of 2010.  The iPad is Apple’s version and has become wildly popular since its release.  You’ll still probably use your desktop or laptop for lots of typing or preparing presentations, but where the tablets will shine is for surfing the net, watching video, chatting on Skype, or other webcam program, and reading eBooks.  Even the larger mobile phone screens have proven to be too small to make these performances enjoyable. But look out for a tablet craze to overtake us this year.
  3. Android Operating System – Otherwise referred to as “Droid.”  It’s a Google-created system and already you can find major manufacturers who have jumped on board.  HTC, Samsung, Motorola.  I know Sprint and Verizon are offering Droid phones, and there are others who either have, or will soon.  I guarantee they’ll give Apple’s iPhone a run for their money.  And I say, it’s high time, because it seems crazy to be roped into using AT&T’s service just to get an iPhone.  I really wanted the iPhone, so I signed up last November.  I LOVED the phone, but couldn’t make a phone call from my house – not even on the porch.  Needless to say, a phone that you can’t use for making calls wasn’t going to cut it, so I turned it back in and went back to my previous provider.  Now, my provider is coming out with a 4G network Droid phone this summer, and I can assure you, I’ll be first in line.
  4. Cloud Computing – I’m saving all details about this for another article.  Stay tuned.