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My Love Affair with Myrtle Beach – The Beach I Call Home

My Love Affair with Myrtle Beach – And Why I Would Still Visit if I Didn’t Live Here

This blog post has nothing to do with business, but instead, is just a way to let you get to know me a little better.  I hope you enjoy it!

I’ve been visiting Myrtle Beach since 1953.  The earliest picture of me on the beach here was taken in 1954, when I was three years old.  It was a picture of a carefree young mother (my mother), her sister, and their children, numbering 3 at that time.  I believe that picture was taken on the north end of Myrtle Beach, in a section still called Windy Hill. The two sisters eventually had a total of 11 children, so with husbands, that made a group of 15.  It became a little unwieldy to vacation with that many people, so I don’t remember many joint trips as I grew up.  My Aunt is no longer with us, and my mother’s memory is fading, so when I ask questions about those early years here, I’m not able to get many answers.

How could I have known my life would take me all around the United States, until 1990, when I would make a permanent move to this beach that had been our annual vacation destination – both as a child growing up, and then as a parent, when I brought my own two children.

When I smell Coppertone suntan oil or lotion, I can close my eyes and the smell takes me back decades, when I can remember my mother rubbing it all over us to prevent the dreaded sunburn that would keep us indoors for several days.  These days, there are so many choices of suntan lotions and potions, and they all smell different.  Some are even odorless.  But for me, I still want to purchase the original Coppertone, just for the familiar aroma.  We had our little plastic buckets and shovels, and tons of shells we had picked up all along the beach.  We played for hours in the sand and the surf and my already-blonde hair would be bleached almost white by the time we left Myrtle Beach.

Later, when I was an adult and was raising my son and daughter, we lived in Charlotte, NC, for many years, and it was only a 4 hour ride to Myrtle Beach.  My Uncle Pete owned a couple of Airstream trailers that he had parked at one of the oceanfront campgrounds – he rented the very front lots on a year-round basis, so the sound of the pounding surf lulled us to sleep and we woke up with a perfect view of the big Atlantic.  Uncle Pete was very generous and let this very financially-challenged niece stay for free.  He’s gone now, too, but I’ll never forget his giving spirit to a young, broke family of 4 and how he made it possible for us to vacation in our beloved Myrtle Beach.

After my children were teenagers, we moved to an island off the coast of Georgia, and we had our own beach.  Trips to Myrtle Beach weren’t needed anymore to see the ocean, walk on the beach or listen to the seagulls.  I later moved all the way to the west coast, to a little fishing village on the Puget Sound.  The children were grown, in college, and I had closed a large chapter of my life and was now preparing to marry again.  My future husband, who was an avid golfer, planned a trip to – you guessed it! – Myrtle Beach  –  to play in an invitational tournament.  He had never been to South Carolina.  He fell in love with the area, and within 4 months, we had bought a house, packed up and moved 3,000 miles – to Myrtle Beach.  We’ve now been here 20 years, in that same house.

So, I’ve come full circle with one of my favorite 60 miles of real estate anywhere on earth – an area called The Grand Strand, with Myrtle Beach sitting right here in the middle of that strand.

I welcome any of you who want to come to visit and I’ll do my best to make oceanfront arrangements for you.  It would be a great place for an Online Marketers or Bloggers Think Tank!

What do you think?  Leave me a comment…