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My Definition of Success


How do we define it?  Here’s what the dictionary says:

  • A level of social status
  • An achievement of an objective or goal
  • The opposite of failure
  • The succession of successfully executed tasks and successes

Well, let’s pick those apart and take a look.  First of all, social status — in my opinion, this isn’t even close to a definition I give two hoots about.  I know plenty of people whom I consider successful and it has little to do with social status.  And the opposite is true — I know lots of  people high up on the status ladder who are are miserable losers and most of them don’t even know it.  They squander their time, their talents, their resources, and are empty inside.

Next, let’s talk about an achievement of a goal.  That could be defined as success, but it seems a rather vague definition.  After all, what if your goal didn’t pack a punch?  What if your goal was simply to get up each morning and stay up all day without a nap?  You might be successful at meeting your goal, but it’s not going to get you anywhere because it’s a weak goal.

How about the next one… “The opposite of failure.”  This one doesn’t sit well with me either.  Just because I didn’t fall flat on my face doesn’t mean I succeeded, unless you’re counting the fact that I succeeded in not failing.  Whoa…that could get me nowhere fast!

The last definition is really clinical… “successfully executed tasks.”  That doesn’t leave much room for any “soul” in my success.

I haven’t done a lot of studying before writing this post, it’s just what was on my mind late on a Sunday night. I’m going to leave a lot of wiggle room for figuring it out as I ponder it a little more. But for now, I think I like this definition of success:

  • Having everything I need when I need it and some extra to give away.
  • Being at peace with everyone so far as it depends on me.
  • Having family and friends whom I am absolutely nuts about.
  • Having adult children of whom I am very proud and who are my best friends.
  • Having a husband I would not want to do life without, but having the confidence to know that I could do it if life should throw me that curve ball.
  • Having the opportunity to make a good living from home, doing something I enjoy.
  • Knowing God, and knowing that I am loved unconditionally.

So that about wraps it up for me tonight.  I am successful.  I am a rich woman, no matter what my bank account says.  This does not mean that I am content to never achieve more, learn more, do more and grow more.   It just means that I am coming from a position of strength because I KNOW what real success is, no matter what.  For that, I am a grateful woman.

How about you?  How do you define success?


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