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More Freebies That Make My Life Easier

I previously wrote an article about some of my favorite free software. It wasn’t a long list because I intended to come back and write again on the subject. And this probably won’t be the end-all list either. Many of us have spent thousands of dollars for software to efficiently run our businesses. But there is an ever-growing offering of absolutely free software that is well-written and can boost your productivity and give you peace of mind. Here are two more of my favorites:

  1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware – I am now on version 1.36. You can find this at malwarebytes.org.  In researching this product for this article, I discovered that some other security companies, most notably Norton, use Malwarebyes because it’s simply a speed demon when it comes to scan time. Of course, there are two sides to this issue; the first is finding the problems and the second is cleaning them up. It wouldn’t be much good to find problems faster than a speeding bullet and then do a lousy job of cleanup. I can tell you from personal experience, and from research, Malwarebytes does a good job at both. If you want protection in real-time, there is a Pro version which can be purchased. The Pro version also offers automatic updates and pre-scheduled scans. Compared to some other similar products, Malwarebytes is super simple to install, setup and use. The Pro version is around $25 and there are lots of places you can purchase. Just do an online search.
  2. Cool Timer – The shortcut to this little freeware device sits in the corner of my desktop and my laptop. It’s not fancy, but it’s just a no-nonsense timer that has an interface which can be customized to play a.wav or mp3 file of your choosing or you can use the built in sounds (ranging from a gong to an old-fashioned car horn) when the specified amount of time has elapsed. I just use it when I want to make sure I work within a specified timeframe. For instance, suppose I am about to make a phone call and I want to make sure I don’t stay on the conversation more than 5 minutes. When the caller says “Hello” I enter 5 minutes and press Start. It’s really so simple it almost seems archaic, but you wouldn’t believe how handy this tool is when you begin to use it. If you have a small netbook or other computer in the kitchen, you could even set it for cooking or baking. If you leave your laptop up, it can be set to use as an alarm clock. The company who makes it is Harmony Hollow.net.

For anyone who didn’t read the first article, Jing was a huge hit with everyone who read it. I’m still receiving emails from folks thanking me for pointing them to Jing. You can find it at jingproject.com. It’s a screen and video capture program. I use it every day.