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Me and Microsoft Excel – Better Late Than Never!

I’ll be the first to admit that Excel is the least intuitive of all the Microsoft products.  My goodness, just walk into a big bookstore and take a look at the tutorial manuals on the subject.  They’re like 2000 pages long.  It’s a daunting thought that I could even begin to sort through all that.

YET, there have been times when I knew that the only thing that made sense was to organize some information in a spreadsheet format.  I longed for this skill, but never seemed to have the time to set aside to figure it out.

You see, I didn’t start my business career until after I had raised my children.  I didn’t even start college until they were in elementary school.  And in those days (I’m really dating myself now!) we weren’t even using computers, much less learning spreadsheets.  So, as I took to business like a duck to water, I was seriously lacking in many skills that today’s college kids take for granted.

You can be sure, however, that I found a way to catch up and had a rip-roaring good time doing it.  Since I was working as a journalist back then, the first software I learned was, of course, a word processing program.  Then, a desktop publishing program.  Somehow Excel never made it to the top.

Finally, a few years ago, after spending lots of money hiring all my spreadsheet work done, I decided that I wanted to learn it for myself — not that I’ve quit outsourcing it, but sometimes late at night when I want to be able to throw a spreadsheet together to look at some data, I don’t have to wait for someone else to help me.  I asked my friend Sue White, who is a Microsoft Certified Specialist and Trainer, to give me some private lessons and she did.  After several hours, she left me with a written tutorial with exercises and other than a few phone calls here and there, I pretty much mastered what I needed in about 6 hours of instruction with a competent instructor (Sue).

Little did I know that years later Sue and I would partner together to launch Business Training Team.  We did that last year, and it’s been so exciting to help small business owners have access to the training they need and want at an unbelievably affordable price.

We hold free Webinars each Tuesday at 3pm, and we’ve covered a wide variety of business related subjects.  This next Tuesday, Sue will be giving expert advice on Microsoft Excel.  Then, we will be launching a comprehensive training program that will rival any corporate training package I’ve ever seen.  I’ve done my homework, and these corporate training sessions, both in person and online costs hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars.  You’ll be amazed at the low price of our course.

To get started, look at the top left side of this post.  You’ll see a link for a FREE gift we have for you — a 10-page report of Microsoft Office Tips and Shortcuts.

Then, if you look down just a little, there’s a link to register for the FREE webinar with Sue White next Tuesday.

Please take time to think about investing in your own skills…in your productivity, and bring along an employee or a friend.   See you next Tuesday!

In closing, I’m wondering if you use Microsoft Excel?  How did you learn it?  What is your skill level?  Leave a comment and let me know.