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For Success, Market Like You Breathe – Regularly and Often

Too many times we have a great idea for a new way to market our business. We may even take the time to get it down on paper and make an action plan. We might even make it to the implementation stage. Hooray! Then we sit back and wait…and wait…and wait. When the results are less than stellar, we then are tempted to say, “Marketing just doesn’t work for me.”

 But, we must realize that marketing is not a single initiative, no matter how brilliant your plan. To really see results, we must begin to think of marketing the same way we do breathing…regularly and often. We couldn’t get up in the morning and say, “Ok, I’ve taken a big deep breath, and now I’m good for the day.” Of course not! In the same way, we cannot implement one marketing plan and then sit back to see what happens.

 Oh, I know it seems like too much work to keep up with marketing on a daily basis. Perhaps, you just need to start thinking about it differently.

 Traditional marketing costs too much and doesn’t produce the results we need. So, how do we do marketing today? First of all, by realizing that every time we interact with a prospect or client – that is the new media. It’s the personal touch, the extra touch, the human touch. And it’s not just the job of your sales staff or your “marketing” department. If you’re the boss, you should be modeling the marketing, not just delegating it.

 Successful marketing today means that you’re building a long-term relationship with a client – not just making a sale.

 What are some ways you can begin to market your business successfully?

  1. Every day, think of a way to delight and amaze someone. Word will get around.
  2. Use every opportunity to communicate that you and your company are remarkable. It could be something as simple as a few extra lines on an otherwise perfunctory email. Say something personal and uplifting (and it doesn’t have to be long-winded!)
  3. Think of something to give away. I keep a stash of coffee cups with my business logo printed on them. They were not expensive and they make a lasting impression.
  4. Send cards. Look for reasons. I use an online card company regularly and the results are dramatic. Here’s a link you can use to learn more:  http://www.jeanneandmelissa.com

 As you begin to consider your marketing efforts, be sure to build in some simple and inexpensive ways to market regularly, just like you breathe. And soon enough, it will be as natural as breathing.

 I invite you to take a look at some of the other ideas I have on my website http://www.businesstrainingteam.com.

What are your best marketing ideas?  Please share them.