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Make Email Marketing Work for Your Business

Yesterday Sue and I did a webinar on making email marketing work for you and your business.  It’s an exciting topic and I want to talk about it a little here.

I don’t know about you, but my Inbox fills up with emails everyday, asking me to click on a link to get more information about losing weight, making money, training my dog, eating better, and organizing my life and business for more efficiency.  Sometimes I click on those links and most times I just hit the “Delete” key.

 I want to help you develop a plan for your email marketing so that people like me will open your emails, read it, click on your link and consider your offer. My business has used email marketing extensively, so I have developed some top tips and I’d like to share them with you.

1.  The subject line must grab attention.  Work on it relentlessly.  Write several version – even a dozen, and then pick out the very best.

2.  Use questions in the headline.  Some examples:

                                      Do you know that _________still works?

                                      Does _____________actually work?

                                     How does this sound?

3.  Do not use the full width of an email screen because the human eye won’t find it easy to read that way.  Keep your line length down to about 60-70 characters   wide.

4.  Do not try to sell straight from your email.  Instead, give a link for your recipient  to click on and ideally, this should lead to a sales page about your offer or  product.

5.  Use only one link per email campaign and use this link 3 times, spaced evenly with other content in the email.  Find three different ways to ask them to click on that link. 

6.  Always send yourself the 4email and review it before doing an email blast to your recipient list.

7.  Use an auto-responder that will allow you to insert your recipient’s first name.

 Statistically, it has been shown that using a Plain Text email has a greater open rate than emails done in html (the ones that really look sharp).  It’s because Plain Text tends to get by the Spam filters more easily.  One way you can spruce up the look of a plain text  email is to use what I call “body text art.”  Here’s an example:


Click Here:  YourSampleCompany.com


You can use any of the keyboard characters that are simple and would form a border around a sub-heading or a link.  It breaks up the text and draws the reader’s eye right where you want it – to your link. 

 Email Marketing is an art and a science, and it’s worth learning.

I invite you to http://www.businesstrainingteam.com to find information to help you grow your business, including video training on email marketing.  We have a free replay of our webinar on our site for the next week if you’d like to hear the whole thing.