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Just 30 More Miles

Just 30 More Miles!

Have you ever started out on any kind of journey, whether real or figurative, and ended up someplace entirely unexpected?

It happens a lot to me.  Let me tell you a story, then we’ll connect the dots.

In the mid 1970’s I had two young children and I was living in Charlotte, NC.  I didn’t have a paying job as I had chosen to be a full time mom.  Hubby wasn’t making much money and we had to rely on cheap entertainment.  So, one Saturday morning, we packed a big picnic basket and decided to head on over to Park Rd. Park, across town.  The park was set in a lovely section of The Queen City, and it was spring and the park was full of azaleas in bloom.  While on the way, I said, “Why don’t we just go 30 more miles and we’ll have our picnic at Kings Mountain State Park?”  We made the turn onto I-85 and headed south.  When we had almost arrived at Kings Mountain, I was studying a map and discovered that Black Mountain was just 30 more miles.  I’m sure you can see where this story is going…by mid-afternoon, we were somewhere near Asheville, NC, in the heart of the Smoky Mountains.

Somewhere along the road, we stopped at a roadside picnic area and fed the kids, who were about to pass out from hunger.  Well…pretty soon Cherokee, NC, was just 30 more miles, and then we started dreaming about those luscious candy apples made in that little shop in Gatlinburg, Tennessee…which was only 30 more miles from Cherokee.   We stopped, took a short day-hike (by now, daylight was running out) and then polished off the remainder of the contents of the picnic basket.  We walked around Gatlinburg, which is one of my favorite little mountain towns (it was much less commercial back then), and then we stopped to consider our choices for the evening.  Since we had just been going to Park Rd. Park, we didn’t have any extra clothes to spend the night, and when we looked in our wallet, we didn’t have the money, anyway.  This was way before we had credit cards, debit cards and ATM machines.  Actually, we barely had gas money to get back to Charlotte.  It was getting kind of late, but we had no choice but to start driving home.

That night, there was a total eclipse of the moon and we got to watch it as we drove along.  Any other time, we would have missed it because we would have been sleeping.  We arrived home around 5am, tucked the sleeping children in bed and caught a few zzz’s ourselves.   All in all, it was a great day – 30 miles at a time!

Last year, I launched Business Training Team, along with a business partner, Sue White.  We both come from a background of consulting and training and we thought it was a wonderful idea to take our training know-how, and the expertise of many others, and put it online – offering training via webinars.  And, it has been a good idea.  BUT, we didn’t know what we didn’t know about online marketing, and it seems like we’re constantly having to go “just 30 more miles” to get it all figured out.

For instance, I didn’t know I would need to have a personal blog to tie back into our main site.  I didn’t know I would need to write articles to submit to article banks.  I didn’t know I would need to study auto-responders, membership site software, WordPress plugins, and all manner of other tech-related things.  I had thought that if I could produce a good Camtasia webinar, I was in good shape.  My journey into online marketing has been a journey of  “just 30 more miles,” and I’m not all the way there yet.  Twitter?  I thought that was for people who had nothing else to do.  I was pretty well-developed in terms of my Facebook use because of connecting with family and friends, so the transition into using it for business purposes was the only easy thing I did.

Now, I wake up every day and wonder what new roads I’ll travel in my learning process.  I can’t think of anything I’d rather do.  My husband calls me an “Info-Hog.”

Bit by bit, I’ll make it…after all, it’s “just 30 more miles.”