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It Ain’t Over til It’s Over – Right On, Yogi!

First, let me set the stage for you…

I had worked since early this morning and I was taking a break to eat dinner with my husband and watch a little of the Phillies vs. Braves baseball game.  It really makes him happy when I watch sports with him, and I’ve learned enough over the years to converse reasonably intelligently and not ask dumb questions in public that would embarrass him.  (I’ll digress here and tell you that in 1989, at a Super Bowl game, I asked, in front of his friends, why they were stopping the game to have those committee meetings.  I had never watched football, but there began my training about huddles and other fine points of the game.)   OK…back to the baseball game tonight.  It was the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs (sounds like something out of a movie already, doesn’t it?) and the score was Phillies 3 and Braves zero.  Since we live close to Atlanta, this was a sad situation, at least to my husband, who becomes very emotionally attached to “his” team.

I said, “Why don’t we just switch the channel and watch some American Idol…this game is history!”  Hubby says to me, “You don’t understand sports – it’s not over til it’s over!”  HHMMM…wonder where he heard that?  (It was Yogi Berra, in case you’re wondering.)  So I sighed and picked up my knitting,  preparing myself to endure this embarrassing shut-out.

For those of you who saw the game, I don’t even need to finish this story.  But for those of you who didn’t, I’ll tell you that it was one of the most amazing displays of last-minute heroics  I’ve ever seen!  Remember, it’s the bottom of the 9th with two outs.  One guy was on base and the Braves were at bat.  Troy Glaus hits a huge home run and all of a sudden the score is 3-2, Phillies still leading.  I thought that was cool, but I was still voting to change the channel because the odds were against anything else miraculous happening.  Next at bat is 20 year-old rookie, Jason Heyward.  (His first time at bat in the major league, his first swing at the first ball resulted in a home run. Now, everyone’s watching him)  He steps up and knocks it way over the back wall on the first pitch.  I almost missed it because I was concentrating on my knitting.  Now, this really was getting interesting…hubby was dancing all over the den and it had my attention, too.  This tied the game and it went into the 10th inning.

I mentally prepared myself to watch them scrap it out, and hoping we didn’t have to go 11 or 12 innings, like I’ve seen some games do.  Not to worry.  Almost immediately, a Braves player named Nate McLouth (I’d never even heard of him) walks up to the plate and smacks the ball way into the crowd behind center field…ANOTHER HOME RUN…and wins the game.  Three homers in a row.  What are the chances of that happening?  Hubby needed a drink to calm himself.

I sat there and thought about all the times when I probably gave up just before I could have won.  If only I had known that with just a little more effort, a little more time, a little more vision and belief, I could have achieved a seemingly impossible goal.  I guarantee you I’ll think more than twice before I ever give up on something just because it “looks like” it isn’t going to work out.

How about you?  Is your belief in yourself and your ability at a low ebb?  Is your vision a little cloudy?  Take heart, and remember, “It Ain’t Over til It’s Over!”

Right on, Yogi.