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If You Stare At It, You’ll Hit It!

My BMW Baby

On what do we have our eyes and our attention focused?  It really does matter, so be careful.  Here’s a little story to prove my point…

When I turned 50, I decided to make one of my wishes come true, and I signed up for motorcycle classes.  It was my gift to myself for having made it a half century!  My husband had been a rider for many years, but recently he’d really started riding seriously, taking cross-country trips (Myrtle Beach to Seattle) and all sorts of other long-distance rides on his beloved BMW “machines,” as he called them.  He would email pictures back to me, call every day and give me a full run-down of the day, and while I liked getting all those calls and pictures, somehow, I sensed that he was having WAY more fun than I was.  Once in awhile I would jump on the back and we’d ride to Charleston or Wilmington for the day, but I just didn’t like the back seat.

I was terrified, but I swallowed it, soaked in the classroom instruction, and got through all the “parking lot” training without dumping the bike.  I bought a small bike, a Honda Rebel 250, and got comfortable riding around on that.  In three weeks I sold it and bought a bigger bike, a Suzuki Boulevard (800 cc for those of you who care to know).  I rode it for about 4 years, and put lots of extras on it – fun stuff and a custom seat that allowed me to ride long distance along with hubby.  After watching the movie, “Tomorrow Never Dies,” where Pierce Brosnan, as James Bond, was racing around on this really cool looking bike, I found that exact model and bought it on eBay.  It’s a BMW R1200C (1200 cc engine, for those of you who care).

On some of the more beautiful rides, like through the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, my eyes would wander off to the side to the beautiful scenery.  I almost ran off the road a couple times.  On a break, hubby asked me why I was riding so crazy.  By this time, I was an experienced rider, with at least 25K miles under my belt.  As we unpacked it, we realized what my problem was.  It was something that I had learned in that first weekend class — If you stare at it, you’ll hit it. The instructors had repeated that over and over.  It was only on these long rides through gorgeous scenery that I became guilty — I was staring at the mountains, the wildflowers, and even wildlife at times — and I almost hit them, literally!  I made a concerted effort to break that habit, as difficult as it was.  I had to keep my eyes on the road ahead while riding, and we stopped more often to enjoy the scenery.  We didn’t pack in as many miles during a day, but I was happier AND safer.

Now, when it comes to anything in life or business, the same is true — if we stare at it, we’ll hit it!

Do we know where we’re going?  Are our goals clear?  Do we have “action habits” firmly in place to move us forward?

I recommend two friends who can help you:  Helen Raptoplous, the “Action Habits’ coach.  You can find her at actionhabits.com. Helen’s site is for offline as well as online businesses.

The other is Robert Plank; he wrote Time Management On Crack, and there is more solid, down-to-earth information packed into this eCourse than what I can even begin to tell you.  And, the price is extremely affordable.  It’s one of those “investments.”

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Let’s STARE AT SUCCESS — I know we’ll hit it!