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I Love My CPU ‘Cuz My Friends Live In It

When I launched an online business in January of this year, (Business Training Team) life changed suddenly.  I flew to Las Vegas for an Online Revenue Builders workshop with Connie Ragen Green, Dr. Jeanette Cates, Lisa Suttora and Suzan Schmidt.  Then, next thing I knew I was in Los Angeles for an Armand Morin event, surrounded with some of the same wonderful people I’d met in Las Vegas and plenty of new people as well.  One incredible couple I met is Deb LaQua and Mynders Glover from Durango, CO.   They have a business helping newbies like me learn some shortcuts.  In fact, their business is called BusinessBuildingShortcuts.com. I was on conference calls at least 5 hours a week during a “90-Day Intensive” training with the four women I mentioned earlier.  My nice peaceful life as I knew it was over. I was used to working in my communications business a little less than 8 hours a day.  Now, all of a sudden, I was hard at something probably closer to 12 hours a day, sometimes more.

This online bug had really bitten me.  I outsourced everything I could – shopping, laundry, cooking (I eventually took this back, but just tried to plan ahead more because nobody cooks as good as I do — oh, well).

But I was under the gun in ways I’d never dreamed.  I knew how to program a telephony switch, write beautiful scripts and do fantastic voice-overs.  I knew how to run a business.  But this online stuff?  How hard could it be?  Pretty hard, as it turned out.  Even when I figured out a technical piece of the puzzle, it was just that — a piece of the puzzle — and I didn’t know how all the pieces fit together.   I still don’t. But everyday, I’m learning and understanding more.

One of the greatest benefits that I never saw coming is that I’ve made so many wonderful online friends.  These aren’t just names on Twitter at the end of my 140 characters.  These aren’t just signatures on a blog post, or a “Like” button on Facebook.  They’re real people out there, getting up every morning, some working a “day job” and then  in the evening settling in to read my blog and yours, and then offer encouragement by way of comments.  They create products, they study and perfect their craft.  They write their own blogs.

One gal asked me today how it is that I have such a “knack” for staying connected – and maybe could I make a suggestion for a shy person such as herself?  I can only say that I appreciate my relationships and I think of them as more than just unknown faces who say nice things to make me feel good.  Even a shy person can still reach out and develop some meaningful  relationships.  In fact, I want to go over to her blog and read more…I don’t know her as well as I’d like to.  My online life will mirror my offline life in some respects – I will have very close friends and supporters, and then a wider group and then an even larger group.  I’ve talked to Connie about this because she has over 22K followers on Twitter, and she doesn’t use Auto-Follow.  She also answers all her emails, usually very quickly.

I don’t know exactly where this road is taking me, but I sure am enjoying the ride.

So, here’s to you, Deb in WA; Todd in Afghanistan; Heather in Scotland; Tracy in South Africa; Melanie in CA; Geoff in CA; Terrie in Texas; Deb & Mynders in CO;  Karen, my knitting buddy; David and Elaine, my fellow animal lovers; Bobbye, the intellectual writer; Marcia, Stephen, Rob in PA (love his site!); Martha, Helen, my Action Habits coach; Connie, my mentor; Jeanette, who is so damn smart it’s ridiculous; my wonderful friends and family members.  My fantastic business partner, Sue.  Gosh…the list could keep right on going.  I’d better stop; I’m sure I’ve forgotten some and then there are new folks waiting  for all us to get to know.

WHAT FUN!!  Make sure you don’t miss it by being so busy with the “work.”

Your blogging friend,