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How To Get Rid of Computer Screen Glare

This is an article that I was asked to write for another blogger – a computer techie site.  It got so many good reviews and tweets that I thought y’all might want to read it as well.

If you have a lot of glare on your cpu monitor, it can be more than just annoying, it can be a health hazard, giving you eyestrain and headaches as well.  So getting rid of that extra shine is important, especially if you spend hours and hours staring at the screen.

Here are some tips that can help with this situation:

  1. Evaluate the position of your computer in terms of proximity to windows and bright sunlight.  Every room has a few walls that are not facing direct sunlight.  Sometimes just moving the furniture so that you’re facing another direction will fix the problem.
  2. Make full use of blinds, shades and draperies in a room.  You may not need to close them all day long, but at least have the option during the brightest part of the day.
  3. Don’t use a bright overhead light in your office or in the room where you are working on your computer.  Instead, opt for a small desk lamp with a soft light. Make sure you choose the energy-saving bulbs that are now available, which are still available with soft light rather than harsh light.
  4. If you simply can’t avoid a harsh glare with any of the aforementioned ways, you may have to resort to emergency tactics such as building your own anti-glare reflector to attach to your monitor.  Now, this may look funny, but it works. To do this, just tape several sheets of dark cardboard together and form a “hood” around your monitor.  Use the kind of tape that will not ruin the finish on your monitor.
  5. If you think this homemade hood looks just too goofy, you can always go online or to a good computer accessory store and purchase an anti-glare film to put on your computer monitor.  They’re usually polarized and have a purplish tint to them.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore bright or harsh light which makes it difficult to work on your computer.