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How To Get Inspired to Write a Blog Post

When I decided to bring my offline business online, I did a lot of research and it seemed that no matter what the side trails were, all roads led to my needing a blog. No matter that I had a nice website and had paid a pretty penny to have it looking good. A blog, it seems, is considered one’s “home’ on the net, and is sort of like a backdoor to your house. It’s a good idea to give people a less formal “backdoor” so they’ll find their way into your living room.

I learned all the mechanics of setting up a good blog, all the way from doing keyword research, choosing a good domain name, and getting it hosted. Since I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do with it, or how much of it would be personal and how much would be business, I decided to just go with my name and a dot com at the end. Since I don’t have a common name, it worked out just fine.

Then, I started posting…a few little posts here and there. I “decorated” it a little and learned how to add widgets and interesting things in the sidebars. But the real heart of a blog is what you write. Then, some folks I knew from my online business told me about a 30-day blogging challenge. There was no real prize – we would just get recognized for completing the challenge of blogging every day for 30 days, and the big payoff was to become disciplined in our habit of writing everyday.

I completed that 30-day challenge, but I must tell you, there were days when I sat here in my office and wondered what in the world I was going to write about. I want to give you a few tips on finding things to write about.

First, take a look around you. If you’re sitting at your desk, what do you see? For me, I see a little homemade basket, made for me by a friend over 25 years ago. Inside that basket are little pieces of folded paper and on each little piece of paper is a memory that we shared together. If I want to get my mind off of work and have a little mental break, I just reach into the basket and pull out a piece of paper and read it. OK…how could that be translated into a blog article? Well, what about the power of memories? Or the necessity of taking mental breaks from long hours at the computer? Or the friendships of women? (She’s been one of my best friends for many years even though we live very far apart now)

Next, I am looking at an older computer that is running in the corner of my big desk. It has Windows 2000 as an operating system, and there’s a good reason, although it’s beyond the scope of this article to go into details. There are certain applications that won’t run well on anything beyond Windows 2000. I could write about that. I did so much research, I feel like I’m an expert on the subject.

Ahhh…there’s the bottle of homemade lotion. I picked up the hobby of making soap from scratch — starting with lye and water and ending up with beautifully fragrant and mild soap that I give away and use myself. I haven’t bought soap or lotion in years. I could talk about the history of soapmaking – it’s fascinating.

And then back to my computer — look at all those little icons in my taskbar. I have lots of little pieces of software that just make my life so much easier. Many are free, and the others are inexpensive. I think that very well may be my next article or blog post.

One day earlier in the spring, I went outside early in the morning and saw many of my plants and flowers blooming. I ran back inside, got my cell phone and took some good photos. My blog post that day was entitled, “Are You in Full Bloom?” You can imagine that I talked about the magic of seeds and planting and watering and then the results – the blooms.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. No matter where you are or what you’re doing — look around you. Really LOOK and in the back of your mind, always remember that you’re soaking up information for that next blog post or article. You’ll be surprised what you begin to see.

Happy writing!

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