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Google’s Caffeine Fix – And We’re Not Talking Coffee!

The Search Marketing Expo in Seattle announced this week that Google’s “Caffeine” is now live.  Caffeine is a new and highly anticipated web indexing system.  This new indexing system promises at least 50% fresher results to SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

If you’re like me, you’re never exactly sure what goes on behind the closed doors of Google, but I know we’ve been accustomed to having something new indexed maybe twice a month.  It used to be much worse than that:  Consider this…

On 9-11, that infamous day in 2001, Google News didn’t even exist.  In fact, it had only been around for about three years.  But as news that day was being made and posted quicker than had ever been before, the search engines weren’t coming even close to indexing it and making it available.  And it wasn’t just Google, all the news sites were in the same boat.  Enter Google News—with a focus on immediacy of news delivery.

It’s hard to believe, but we used to think that 30-day indexing was good.  Wow – hard to believe. Now, with Caffeine, Google will crawl the Web, in a fractional, systematic way, and index stuff “on the fly.”  One blogger recently did a test.  He posted a story with an unusual word in the headline title.  He found the story found its way into Google’s search results within one minute.  This is very good news.  But don’t really excited just yet, because there are other factors involved in the search results.  Google will look at factors like your Page Rank and “relevance” to determine which sites to index more quickly.

The good news is that news sites AND blogs are thought to be crawled and indexed more quickly than other website.  Can you say Hooray for all of us bloggers!

Take a look at this site: PubSubHubbub which is an open-source tool that blogs are now able to use to ping Google when the blog is updated.  These are exciting times, indeed, to be living and working online!

How do you expect Google’s Caffeine to impact your business?