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Get Into The Writing Habit – It Will Change Your Biz and Your Life

Writing Brings Success

Write Something Everyday!

Our daily lives are made up of automatic tasks and routine.  That really sounds boring, doesn’t it?  But when I think about it, here’s what I become aware of – I get up in the morning, go to the bathroom, go to the kitchen, put the coffee on and feed the dog and let him out while the coffee’s brewing.  Then, the dog comes back in and he goes back to bed for awhile while I enjoy my coffee while checking email.  Then, while it’s still quiet, I do a little reading, usually a devotional or my Bible.  Then, I review my list of things for the day and get things ready to fire away at my list.  That’s my morning routine – almost every day unless I’m not at home.  Do I have to think about these things?  No.  I just do them.

How about driving your car?  Are you really thinking about the moves you’re making?  It’s scary, but the answer is no.

Establishing habits and routines are important in order for us to quickly get things done without too much time thinking about it.  For a professional marketer, writing is one of those things that we simply MUST do.  No question about it; you can’t market, especially online without writing being an integral part of your daily routine.  Notice I said daily, not weekly or frequently – DAILY!

Every day I must write articles, blog posts, emails, work on short reports, write eCourses, scripts for Ads On Hold for my telecommunications business, and write outlines and prepare slides for my webinars.  If I had not made writing a part of my daily life, I couldn’t do my job for myself or for my clients.

So you want to be more successful as a marketer, or as a writer, or as any kind of professional?  Start writing every day.  And you may ask yourself where to start. For me, I purchased my name – jeannekolenda.com from GoDaddy, figured out how to host it and build a blog, and I began to blog everyday.  I then began to tweet out those blog posts on Twitter, and my traffic began to grow.  Then I began writing articles for ezinearticles.com and as my traffic grew to my blog, I started to write eCourses and produce training webinars.

The next thing I did was to participate in a 30-day blogging challenge. There were about 100 people who signed up to write a blog post every day for 30 days.  About half of us finished it.  Then, just 8 weeks later, another online guru hosted another 30-day challenge.  I signed up again.  This time, more than 250 people signed up and I think 84 finished it.  During these blog challenges, I also met many new friends online and I wrote comments on their blogs.  So I felt like a writing and reading machine.  I then completed an eZineArticles challenge to write 100 articles in 100 days.   Someone asked me what I would win. I honestly didn’t even know what the prize was…I just knew I had to do it for the feather in my cap as a writer.  (It was a clock that didn’t work, a mousepad, a coffee mug [my favorite] and a leather coaster.)

What I’ve found is that I do my best writing late at night when nothing can interrupt me.  I find that when I sit down at my computer, I instantly relax and find that my fingers literally fly across the keyboard and this makes me very happy.

I believe the first step really is to get your blog going.  Even if you know nothing, my business partner and I have put together a course that will walk you through every step of it.  Check it out here:  http://SmallBusinessBlogHelp.com Get started today to be the writer you need to be for professional success!  Let me hear from you.  I’ll be glad to help in any way I can.

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Leave a comment and tell me what your writing habits are.