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For Email Marketing Success – Follow Two Simple Strategies

Email Marketing Success


In today’s marketing world, it’s becoming more common to use email campaigns for marketing purposes.  In fact, many companies pay large sums of money to advertising agencies to manage email campaigns.  If you don’t have big bucks to send the way of ad agencies, you can actually accomplish on your own if you pay attention to some instruction.  I’ve written a series of articles on this subject, and I encourage you to find them for some great tips and information.  This is just one more in the series. 

If you’ve been in the marketing world at all, you’ve heard that “The money’s in the list.”
Or, maybe “Your list is golden.”  Well, that’s true – you’ve got to have somebody to market to, but just having a list won’t guarantee money in the bank.  I want to discuss some simple but important strategies for make your email campaigns and marketing a success.

Target Your Audience

First of all, you don’t need a huge list to make money – you just need a responsive list. 
So you must not only work on building a list, but on building trust with those on your list.  Make sure you are building a targeted list.  By that I mean you have found a way to attract people who are interested in what you have to offer.  For instance, I live in Myrtle Beach and when I work with clients here who are in the hotel or vacation rental business, we don’t target people who live in Alaska.  Or even people on the West coast.  Statistics tell us that most of the 14.5 million visitors to Myrtle Beach are coming from the Northeast, and the Midwest of the United States, and from the Eastern Canadian provinces.  So that’s where the marketing focus has to be. 

When You Write, Make It Personal

As you write your marketing emails, imagine that you are writing to one person, not a group.  Write to an individual; it’s much more powerful and persuasive.  Here’s an example: 

When you plan your vacation, I know you will be looking for luxury at an affordable rate… 

When planning a vacation, most people want luxury at a discount price…

Which is more powerful?  The first one, of course, because it says, I know YOU will be looking…  Not the group, but YOU! 

You may be sending 1000’s of emails, but they will be read one-by-one by individuals. It will not be a group reading it. 

To kick off your Email Marketing Success, here’s something you don’t want to miss:


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