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Elves Don’t Live in Jacksonville

Hello everyone!  I have a house full of guests from around the world and I have so many stories to write about, but it’s much too late tonight to do it justice, so I shall just resort to telling you a humorous short story of an event that happened recently.  It’s a story about what happens when an inquisitive 4-year old goes visiting.

My son and his (nearly perfect) wife live in Jacksonville, FL, with their two little (nearly perfect)  boys — Jonathan, 4, and Drew, 3.  If you read the posts entitled, “Have You Lost Your Jingle?” or “Who’s In Charge of Your Brain – SAY WHAT??” you’ve already been introduced to Jonathan.  (Drew isn’t talking much yet, so his stories are waiting to be written, but they’re coming…)

Jonathan is a bit precocious and we always try to stay a step ahead of him while in public because we’re never quite sure with whom he might strike up a conversation and blurt out who knows what?   We were waiting to be seated at an Italian restaurant.  It was a balmy spring evening and we were out on the porch with those pagers that buzz and give a small light show when the table is ready.    Jonathan wandered off a bit to the right, but still within sight.  Then, we saw it — and we all took a collective breath.  Jonathan had stopped in front of a gentleman, a very short man, seated on a bench.  As his mother and I rushed over, we heard these words coming out of Jonathan’s mouth…”Sir, are you an elf?”  The man was a dwarf and it was a fair question for a 4 year-old. The man smiled but never got a chance to answer.

His mother, in a flustered state of mind, quickly said, “Jonathan, elves don’t live in Jacksonville!”  We asked the man to excuse us and we whisked Jonathan back to where the rest of us were waiting.  Jonathan looked a wee bit confused.  We hadn’t told him that elves were only in movies or fairy tales or anything of the sort.  We had only told him that “Elves don’t live in Jacksonville.”  Yet, clearly, he had seen what he thought was an elf — right here in Jacksonville.

I wonder what the man thought…and I still wonder if Jonathan thinks  there was a stray elf on Carraba’s front porch.  After all, elves don’t live in Jacksonville, right?

This story doesn’t have a hidden meaning, and I can’t think of a thing that would be of redeeming value to any of as we struggle to build our businesses.  It’s purely for fun, and I suppose if there’s any lesson at all, it’s that it’s ok to just have fun and a good laugh sometimes.

So, I hope you enjoyed my story.  I’ll try to write something profound tomorrow.  🙂