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eLearning is Key to Business Success

If you are a small business owner or a sales professional, or perhaps, what I call a “solopreneur,” and you’ve survived the past couple years in the worst economic downturn in recent history, then you are looking for ways to take it to the next level – to not only survive, but to thrive! I believe online training or what we call eLearning can be an extremely valuable tool if used properly.

Several questions beg an answer for a success-minded business owner.

1. Marketing Money

The marketing landscape has morphed – almost while we weren’t looking – traditional methods just aren’t working anymore, even if we had the cash to throw in that direction. So, how do we decide to spend our marketing energy and money?

2. The Social Media buzz

Do we jump on board the Social Media train? Is it just hype, the latest buzz, a waste of time? Can it really be beneficial for businesses? These questions deserve an honest answer.

3. Getting Accounting Processes Under Control

Let’s move on for a moment to some in-house nitty-gritty issues that you know need attention in order to thrive this year. Maybe your accounting is a mess, and by June, you know you’re going to need serious help sorting it all out. Are you doing business straight out of your checkbook? You know you need a simple, easy-to-implement accounting software and you need it quick! How do I set up and run QuickBooks Pro?

4. Sharpening Your Office Software Skills

Next, you KNOW that you should be making some spreadsheets to track important information. Perhaps you’ve been making hand-written lists and adding things up with an adding machine. You KNOW that Microsoft Excel is a dynamite tool, but how are you going to find time to take a class or work through a massive tutorial by yourself, with no one in sight to answer your questions?

5. Using Email Effectively

OK…you’ve been using email for awhile, and maybe even have an employee or two who uses it on a regular basis to communicate with customers and vendors. But, do you have that nagging thought that perhaps your company’s email communication needs an overhaul…that perhaps you’re sending the wrong message with simple errors which could be easily corrected. How do people get those nice electronic “signatures” at the bottom of their emails…how can I improve my image?


Now, these are just a few of the problems that a small business owner can encounter when considering how to grow his business and THRIVE in 2010. There are several ways to look at solving these problems.

  1. On-site classes – either at the local college or seminars held by professional companies specializing in the specific area of expertise you desire and need
  2. Private tutors – even hiring a college student who is proficient with some of the software you would like to learn
  3. Your CPA – for help with setting up an efficient accounting system.
  4. Online training – also called eLearning

For me, option number 4 – online training – is the TICKET to growing your business in 2010. And here’s why:

  1. No travel or travel expenses
  2. No set time – you work at your pace and your schedule
  3. Low, low cost

When searching for online training, look for a company that offers training from a variety of experts, not just one or two people doing all the training. Look for a company who will respond to you personally when you send an email or make a phone call. And finally, look for a company with cutting-edge, relevant material spanning a wide range of small business needs.

My company, Business Training Team, exists to help small business owners with all these things.  Check us out.

Also, there is a free webinar on Tuesday, June 29, at 3pm.  You’ll see the registration link in the upper left corner of this blog. Please join us if you can.