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Ebb and Flow of Energy

WOW!  The blogging challenge is over, and yet here I sit, late at night, writing a blog post.  I’m actually physically tired today as well as a little brain-tired.  Just like the ocean tides ebb and flow, so does our work and our energy.  We have to learn to recognize where we are in order to not be disappointed or expect too much.  At the very beginning of the 30 day challenge, I wrote an article called “Gathering Energy.”  I feel as though I am doing that again.  I am so excited about all there is still to learn and to do, about all the new friendships to develop and explore.

This is the first day in a month that I didn’t REQUIRE myself to sit down and blog.  But now, it’s a habit.  (I know Helen will be proud!)  It’s also the first Monday in 3 months that I haven’t been on a coaching call with my friends and mentors, Connie and Jeanette.  I didn’t even tweet much today and I didn’t talk to my business partner, Sue.  She finally emailed tonight to see if I was out of town or feeling ok.  All my house guests are gone, and I slept late this morning. I think tomorrow will seem like a brand new “something.”

So how about all of you in #blog30 — how was your first day off?

Off the subject of energy, but if you know of anyone who would like to join us , Sue and I are having an open-mic webinar tomorrow, Tuesday, at 3pm.  It’s free and the subject is “Questions You May Have About Blogs.”  I know most of you reading this are expert bloggers, but perhaps you know of someone who needs a little help.  If so, here’s the link:  https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/115430915

Goodnight…and maybe I’ll hear from you tomorrow.