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Develop a Plan to Promote Your Business

Develop-Business-Plan-to-Promote-Your-BusinessIf you’ve been in the business arena for any length of time at all, you’ve heard the words Sales, Marketing, Advertising, and Promotion.  They’re all related, but they’re individual as well.  Today, I want to talk about promoting your business, and this will encompass many things, including some marketing efforts and public relation functions.

The reason we promote our business is to establish name recognition in a positive light. You certainly don’t want your name recognized for a negative reason.  It’s like the difference in famous and infamous.  Both are widely known, but only one is positive. You want people to say, “Oh Yeah!  I’ve heard of them,” when your company name is brought up in conversation.  In order to build this name recognition, we have to find ways to get people to “know us, like us and trust us.”

One very important ingredient in good promotion is to present yourself, your services and your products in the best possible way.  This means avoiding poor quality in promotional material.  If you’re going to have a brochure, have a good one – well-written and free of grammatical and spelling errors.  Have it in a professional, easy-to-read font and use colors that are easy on the eye.  Certain colors work much better than others.  Do your homework.

If you need signage, consider the same – font, color and accuracy.  I have lived in my city for over 20 years.  There is a favorite wallpaper store that I absolutely adore.  But I’ve never understood why they would leave a huge sign up for all these years that has a grammatical error in it.  They put an apostrophe before the “S” at the end of a word that is simply a plural.  And to think – they paid for that extra character from the sign company.  When they opened a new showroom across town, I thought surely the apostrophe would go away.  But no, it traveled with them to their new sign.  Don’t let this be you.  If writing, spelling and grammar are your weaknesses, hire it done.

There are so many ways to promote your business, they are too numerous to mention. Some ideas will be more appropriate for some businesses than another.  Many companies specialize in helping you select just the right promotional pieces.  Find someone you can trust to help you.  For instance, if your market is local, and you have a fairly high-dollar product, have coffee mugs made with your logo. It’s easily worth the few dollars to keep your name before your clients every morning.  One of the nicest promotional gifts I ever received was a great ice cream scoop.  It was from an insurance company, which has nothing to do with ice cream.  But every time I enjoy a scoop or two of my favorite (Haagen Dazs) ice cream, I think of that company and the nice man who gave it to me.  Should I ever want to rethink my insurance needs, I’ll look for my scoop and get his name and phone number.

If you have an online business, your methods of promoting will be much different than for a brick and mortar business.  The main thing is to realize how important promoting your business is, and get started with a plan.  You can always change your plan, but you’ll accomplish nothing without a plan to start with.