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Cure Inefficient Writing Skills – Learn Microsoft Word

Good Writing Matters


I’m a writer.  I’ve been a writer for most of my life.  I remember the days when “writing” meant grabbing my favorite pen and a yellow legal pad and heading to my favorite chair to scribble notes, strike them out, start over, and finally taking the terribly messy pages to a typewriter for the final output.   My, how things have changed!  I can’t even remember what it’s like to not think in front of a screen and a keyboard.

However, years ago, when I first ventured into the Microsoft Office software products, and I began to learn some basics, I found that I was learning just enough to get my words on the page and then I was off to something else.  By the time these powerful word processor software packages were commonplace, I was well past college age, and if I was going to learn the finer points, I had to teach myself.  As the years passed, I found myself always bumping my head against something or other when using Microsoft Word and it usually had to do with formatting, indentions, setting margins, spacing, etc.

I finally went to the local bookstore, purchased a big tutorial on Microsoft Office products (with colored pictures!) and set aside time every day to work my way through some of the basics.  I was constantly amazed at how simple something was that I had struggled with.

What I felt I was missing was the personal touch.  If I had just had someone to show me how to do it! I could have saved hours and hours of time.  I believe people today are still struggling with the same issues – in fact, I believe that much of our business writing is terribly inefficient because of a lack of expertise in using Microsoft Word or similar software, such as Open Office.

Here is a list of common features people struggle with in Microsoft Word:

1.      Spacing manually to indent a list

2.      Backspacing one character at a time

3.      Trying to insert numbers in front of a list AFTER typing the list

4.      Changing your margins without tabbing or spacing

5.      Quickly and easily changing the font size, color and style

6.      How to number items or use bullet points automatically

7.      How to make sub-headings with clean indentions

8.      How to insert frequently used words or phrases

9.      Finding and replacing strings of text, phrases or individual words

10.  Creating simple tables and inserting graphs and charts

11.  How to use spell-check, grammar-check or check for style

12.  How to easily undo and redo a series of changes or edits

I am now a partner in an online training business and I am thrilled to make this learning curve much less steep for you than what I experienced.  If you think you could stand to gain efficiency with your writing by getting to know your software a little better, please click on this link and pay us a visit:  http://MakeMicrosoftOfficeWork.com