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For Balance in Life & Business, Be Intentional About Getting Out More

I’ve been in Myrtle Beach for 20 years, having moved here from a little fishing village on the Puget Sound known as Gig Harbor, WA. I’m in the telecommunications business which has been fun and even though it’s an “offline” business, it’s maintained “online” since the advent of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). This new technology enabled me to close my downtown office and move my office home, when broadband became available out here in the country (I live about 12 minutes from the ocean, but we’re on a few acres on a country road.

I’ve lately become aware that I need to make some changes. Read on.

As much as I love being home, I actually love it almost TOO much. My day-to-day personal contact with people has quietly diminished. I still go out for my Thursday Night Supper Club, and sometimes date night on Fridays but the rest of the week, it’s just me, hubby, the dog, a 6 year-old Weimaraner named Kramer, and my daughter, Melissa, who teaches piano and voice, and helps us in our businesses.

I have everything here that makes me happy – beautiful surroundings, a spacious house, lots and lots of books, my knitting supplies, a 60 in. HD TV in a nice den (that’s more for hubby than me, but when I DO watch something, it’s almost like being in a movie theater, with the Surround-Sound setup.) I have my dog, to lie at my feet all day while I’m working, and then I get to work on the latest, cutting-edge digital equipment that money can buy.

I now have a second business that I can operate from my home – a business that involves online marketing and training for small businesses. I’ve made SO many new friends in this online marketing business, and have even met some of them at a couple conferences I attended. These virtual friendships are extremely satisfying and I’m even lining up some JV’s (joint ventures) with a couple of them.

I have a partner in the training and marketing business. We’ve often compared notes because we’re so different. She can’t stay in her house for more than two days or she’d be climbing the walls to get out. She loves to be at breakfast network meetings, luncheon appointments, and Chamber Business After Hours events. Her schedule makes me tired just thinking about it.

I’ve recently decided that I really need to be intentional about getting out a little more.

So here are the three steps I’m taking immediately to maintain a balance in my life.

  • Schedule a weekly lunch appointment that is business related.
  • Schedule a weekly lunch date just for fun – to stay connected to a good friend.
  • Put together a small mastermind group of business women whom I admire and respect. This does not have to be weekly, but does need to be regular and consistent

I’d like to hear from you on this topic.  Are you tempted to stay “in” too much?  Too little?  Is your life a good balance?