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BB’s and Glitter – What’s the Connection?

I married Leon 20 years ago, and I became a step-mom to a 9 year-old boy and a 12 year-old girl.  My own kids were older – one in college and one about to enter college.  When this little 9 year-old boy came to visit, he came equipped with a BB gun and other sundry items worth keeping an eye on.   He finally came to live with us when he was 16.  Now, he’s married and lives close by.  Here’s the thing…20 years have passed and we still find BB’s in the house from time to time.  Little stray BB’s that have survived two complete remodels, including getting rid of carpet and installing tile and laminate flooring.  I haven’t seen one in many months now, but I have no doubt that there’s at least one more lurking somewhere. It’s a family joke. We have prizes for anyone finding a BB.

Now, I’ll tell you about the glitter.  I love tee shirts and since I work from home, my wardrobe primarily consists of tee shirts and jeans in the winter and shorts in the summer.  Dressing up means means wearing a nicer tee shirt.  Everywhere I travel, I buy a tee shirt and a local cookbook.  My daughter recently bought me a lovely purple tee shirt with designs on the front – with GLITTER —  a dress-up tee shirt!

I recently wore this new purple tee shirt with the glitter to a Friday night karaoke night (for details, see my post entitled “Friday Night Fantasy”).  I took a shower the next day and got dressed to go out.  I didn’t wear the purple tee shirt.  People kept looking at me sort of funny, and finally my hubby said to me, “Why are you so sparkly?”  Seems that the glitter from the evening before had attached itself to me – it was in my hair, on my face and even on my arms.  Somehow that glitter stuck with me even through the shower.  Now, a week later, I’ve seen glitter all over the house – in the Oriental rugs, on the kitchen counters and in my office.  I’m almost afraid to wash the shirt for fear the glitter will get in the washer and we’ll have sparkly underwear.

So what do these two stories have in common?  I liken the BB’s and the glitter to what we allow in our lives.   We need to be careful, because sometimes it’s hard to get rid of such things.  What are you allowing  to enter and hide like lost BB’s in your life?  Watch out – it just might  roll out in full view sooner or later.  Of course, the opposite is true – we can develop good habits that will stick around just like the glitter.

I consider this 30-day blogging challenge many of us have been involved with just like the glitter – it’s going to stick with us and make us all “sparkly.”

Cheers to my glittery friends!