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Article Distribution – A Winning Plan

Article Writing Success

Article Submission is Easy Now!

I started writing articles in January 2010.  Connie Ragen Green, whom I had just met earlier that month, told me to write my first article and it would change my life.  My first article was published on eZineArticles.com the day I arrived in Las Vegas to meet with Connie and Jeanette Cates for an Online Revenue Builders workshop.

Connie was right – things took off and after just 15 articles, I was awarded Platinum Author status.  I participated in the Hundred Articles in a Hundred Days marathon later in the year and I completed 3 blog challenges.  I learned to repurpose my content, and was able to create eCourses and short reports for the building of my online business, http://BusinessTrainingTeam.com.  It was a winning strategy.  How could this get any better?  Well, it did!

Last month, when I googled my name with quotation marks, I had about 750 listings on Google.  My blog was indexed, many of my eZine articles, blog comments I had made on many of your blogs…my LinkedIn profile was there, my Facebook page.  But, then I learned about a service that would distribute my articles much more widely with just one submission.  It was an investment, and I put it off, not wanting to add more to my monthly expense.  After all, things were going well.

Last month, I bit the bullet, signed up for the article submission service ($47/mo) and set up my account and submitted my first article.  This submission service uses a “drip” method for the best SEO results.  Over the next week, my article was distributed far and wide and ended up in places I had never even heard of.

Last night, I googled my name again (in quotation marks) and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I had over 4500 listings on Google — pages and pages worth.  I looked at the first ten pages, just to be sure it was all me.  It was.  There is one more Jeanne Kolenda in Michigan but she only had about 3 listings that I could see.  I can hardly wait to get busy taking all the articles I have previously had published on eZine and resubmit them to this submission service.  The only site that I asked to continue submitting for myself, in fact, is eZineArticles.com.

I am so pleasantly surprised and pleased with the results, I signed up to be an affiliate and here’s my affiliate link:  http://SuccessfulArticleSubmission.com.

Connie has taught me to only recommend what I have used and what I love to be a successful affiliate.  Well, I’ve used it, and I LOVE it!  So, I urge you to give it a go.  You can always cancel if you find it’s not for you.  You can click on the link the above paragraph, or look over to the top left at the “Massive Traffic Banner.”  It will all go to the same place.

Are you using an automatic submission service?  Tell me about it…