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Are You in Full Bloom Yet?

Mandevilla Vine (Brzailian Jasmine)

It seems there is always a lesson for us in nature…birds, trees, animals and flowers.  This morning as I took a break and went outside to our backyard, I ran back into the house and grabbed my Blackberry phone to take some pictures.  My first hibiscus bloom had appeared, my first Mandevilla bloom was out, and the red daisies had gone wild, sprouting at least 4 new blooms overnight.  I’m still waiting for the Sego Palms…we had to cut them back dramatically because the extremely cold winter had done great damage.  But I know they’re on the way!
The age-old lesson of planting seeds, watering, nurturing and then WAITING…is still good today.
I’ve shared some pictures from our yard in celebration of this glorious demonstration.
Where our businesses are concerned, you and I have been busy planting seeds, watering, and some of us have even seen full blooms already.  Some of us are observing buds, waiting for them to spring into full color, and some of us are in that hard phase of just WAITING, knowing we’ve planted and watered, and done all the right things.

My first hibiscus bloom of 2010

I hope these beautiful pictures will encourage you to take heart and know that FULL BLOOMS ARE COMING!
I invite you to leave comments and tell a little of your story – where are YOU in the process?

Red Gerbera Daisies