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An Elephant Named Bubbles

Bubbles is an African Elephant and she lives in my neighborhood.  When I mentioned Bubbles on a group call the other day, one guy said, “Where do you live — Uganda?”  The answer is no, I don’t live in Uganda, but in Myrtle Beach, near the Intracoastal Waterway.  There’s a wild game preserve just through the woods, and an elephant named Bubbles lives there.  It’s not uncommon to see Bubbles strolling down the road either on her way to take a nice dip in the Waterway or going home after her afternoon swim.  Her guide or trainer is usually not far away, but she’s not tethered in any way.

Sometimes the kids go to the water’s edge and throw peanuts at her and she’s playful and happy to entertain. I’ve been here long enough to just take Bubbles for granted. But the other day I was thinking about Bubbles and the life she’s living. She was born to be wild and free – just like the elephants I saw in an IMAX film several years ago, lumbering through the African savannah. Now, don’t get me wrong — Bubbles is well taken care of and she has a nice new pool in which to swim (on days she doesn’t want to walk to the Waterway). In fact, I found this video on YouTube of Bubbles in her new pool. No one is afraid of her, although most of us respect her enough to give her plenty of space. The video shows children diving from her back.

So, you have to wonder – what’s my point in telling you about Bubbles? It’s this: Bubbles is living in circumstances that are not natural…not what God designed for her; she didn’t choose it. How many of you are also living in situations that are not what would be considered “your highest and best?” Now, I’m not talking about the consequences of our own dumb choices. I’m talking about things that have been truly out of our power to change. I think Bubbles is a class act. She’s friendly, gracious, and very tolerant.

It may be too personal of a question, but I’d really like to know how some of you have overcome circumstances beyond your control. Almost everyone who visits my blog is a real champion, and I know you’ve got a lot to offer the rest of us.

If you feel like leaving a comment, I will welcome it.

P.S. I actually had some video footage of some of us playing with Bubbles on Halloween, but when I tried to convert the video to a format that would load into my blog, it became a nightmare, so I’m glad I found the YouTube video so you can see what a sweetie Bubbles really is.

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