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The Joy of Rabbit Trails


I got up this morning at 4 am…just so I could do nothing. I don’t mean “nothing,” but to do what I wanted to do, not what I needed to do.

I got coffee, sat on the porch and checked email on my mobile phone. There was an email from my friend, Nicole […]

The Benefits of Failure


No one wants to fail. Certainly not me. But sometimes failure can actually produce unexpected positive results. Let me tell you a story of how I learned this.

A couple years ago, my hubby and I decided to ride our BMW motorcycles from Myrtle Beach to Watkins Glen State Park, in the Finger Lakes […]

Happy New Year! It’s time to Rock & Roll


Happy New Year, everyone! It’s been a wonderful day for me; I spent the day with friends, making homemade soap (enough for the year for all 3 of us), cooking collards, black-eyed peas, sweet potatoes, ham, cornbread…you get the picture. As we sat sipping our coffee overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway, watching bonfires on the […]

Chasing a Lion and Slaying Regret


Have you ever really wanted to do something that required some risk and while you were still trying to make up your mind to be bold enough to do it, the opportunity went right on by, and you knew you could not get it back? I have – on more than one occasion. I […]

How to Encourage Yourself – A Lesson Learned from Abe Lincoln


I used to live in Washington, D.C. as a teenager (many years ago) and one of my favorite places there was the Smithsonian Institute. If we ever had a free afternoon, we would head over and just choose one small area and look around. I think we had season’s passes. I absolutely love American […]

Stop Procrastination and Clear Your Mental Clutter


No one would want to admit to it, but we all procrastinate. It’s something we fussed at our kids about, and our parents did the same to us. But, here we are as adults, still finding that we procrastinate. There are many things that will drain your energy and put a damper on your […]

I’m Grateful for Freedom!


I am writing this on a beautiful 4th of July, celebrating our freedom as a nation. As I ponder this freedom, I am reminded that we have the freedom to make a living as we choose, and that small business owners really are the heartbeat of that American freedom.

As I watch the History […]

Parting Words – To The 30-Day Bloggers!


30-Day Blogging Challenge is OVER!

Here it is — June 30! The end of a 30-day blogging challenge, sponsored by Jeanette Cates, an unbelievably talented and supportive marketing mentor. This is the second blog challenge for me this year, the first in April, sponsored by Connie Ragen Green. This one was […]

Getting Away to Renew My Spirit and Energy


My "Little Men"

Wow…it’s been a long busy month and we have 5 more days to go. Ideas, projects, normal workload, new tasks, a complete restructuring of my online business/website, customer service, training time, administrative work, a major remodeling job at my house, tons of visitors (I live at the beach, […]

What Have You Forgotten?


Yesterday was Sunday and I didn’t have anything in particular on the day’s agenda. I sat down in my office, but soon realized that I was absolutely burned out sitting in this chair, in front of this computer. No doubt, I could have found a thousand things to do, even very productive things. But […]