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Online Pidgin – Our Own Special Language!


Well, here it is June 1 and the start of another 30 day blogging challenge, this time hosted by Jeanette Cates, of TechTamers.com. I’m excited about writing but mostly, about meeting new online friends. Cheers to all of you who are joining us!

I want to begin by telling you a story.

Last month […]

Joint Ventures and Baseball


I live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and we have a AA Farm Team for the Atlanta Braves. Tonight was absolutely a beautiful evening with perfect weather for watching a baseball game. I was with family and friends, I’d had a freshly-baked pretzel, was munching on popcorn and sipping my diet soda. It was […]

Row, Row, Row Your Boat – to Business Success!


I live in Myrtle Beach and every spring we have the “Dragon Boat Races.” A keyword search will tell you it’s the fastest-growing water sport in the world. These boats are 41 feet long and weigh a little over 500 pounds. Yet, they skim along with incredible speed thanks to the team of rowers […]

Small Business – the Heartbeat of America

“Small Business is the Heartbeat of America!” […]