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29…And Counting!


No, it’s not my wannabe age! It’s the 29th day of a 30-day blogging challenge, sponsored by my friend and mentor, Connie Ragen Green. Here’s my summary:

1. I love a challenge – Anyone who knows me would have bet money on it that I’d accept the challenge and complete it to the best […]

Elves Don’t Live in Jacksonville


Hello everyone! I have a house full of guests from around the world and I have so many stories to write about, but it’s much too late tonight to do it justice, so I shall just resort to telling you a humorous short story of an event that happened recently. It’s a story about […]

A Lifestyle of Learning


I’ve lived a life of learning and I can’t imagine it any other way. I got married early and had my children when I was very young. When they were in elementary school, I enrolled in a nearby university to pursue an education. The kids would ride the big yellow school bus, and I […]

I Just Wanna Be Happy — NOT!


Now, that title may look confusing. But I’ll tell you what I mean.

My sister and I were talking this afternoon and we were discussing the difference in happiness and joy. I’ve known the difference for quite some time now, but she’s much younger than me, so she’s just now coming into a thorough […]

Starting From Behind – Everyday!


I get up every morning and start from behind. No, I’m not talking about my To-Do List. I’m talking about diabetes. I’ve been diabetic for so many years that my body has developed this syndrome called “The Dawn Phenomena,” whereby every morning, somewhere between 4:30-5am, my liver “dumps” lots of sugar into my bloodstream. […]

BB’s and Glitter – What’s the Connection?


I married Leon 20 years ago, and I became a step-mom to a 9 year-old boy and a 12 year-old girl. My own kids were older – one in college and one about to enter college. When this little 9 year-old boy came to visit, he came equipped with a BB gun and other […]

I Love My CPU ‘Cuz My Friends Live In It


When I launched an online business in January of this year, (Business Training Team) life changed suddenly. I flew to Las Vegas for an Online Revenue Builders workshop with Connie Ragen Green, Dr. Jeanette Cates, Lisa Suttora and Suzan Schmidt. Then, next thing I knew I was in Los Angeles for an Armand Morin […]

Friday Night Fantasy – Preventing Burnout


This is a long post, but please read it – it’s a really FUN story.

I work a lot. I have two businesses that are mine and I’m totally responsible for what happens. I do have a partner in one of these, and she works diligently on her “stuff,” so I don’t want you […]