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Obstacles Are Not The End of the Story


I love stories of overcomers. I have met so many personally that I think I want to do a series of articles based on interviews with some of those folks. History is rife with tales of near defeat turned into fantastic victory. Remember what Winston Churchill said as he rallied beleaguered Great Britain from […]

Summer Camp for Marketers, Only Better and Longer


In my post entitled “Just Say Yes,” I talked about looking for help with learning internet marketing and finding some mentors online. I impulsively signed up for a workshop/conference being held in Las Vegas, and in just a few days, I was THERE! On the final day, Dr. Jeanette Cates got up and made […]

If You Stare At It, You’ll Hit It!


My BMW Baby

On what do we have our eyes and our attention focused? It really does matter, so be careful. Here’s a little story to prove my point…

When I turned 50, I decided to make one of my wishes come true, and I signed up for motorcycle classes. It was […]

Are You in Full Bloom Yet?


Mandevilla Vine (Brzailian Jasmine)

It seems there is always a lesson for us in natureā€¦birds, trees, animals and flowers. This morning as I took a break and went outside to our backyard, I ran back into the house and grabbed my Blackberry phone to take some pictures. My first hibiscus bloom […]

Just 30 More Miles


Just 30 More Miles!

Have you ever started out on any kind of journey, whether real or figurative, and ended up someplace entirely unexpected?

It happens a lot to me. Let me tell you a story, then we’ll connect the dots.

In the mid 1970’s I had two young children and I […]

Just Say Yes!


Just Say Yes!

Nancy Reagan started the “Just Say No” campaign to help train young people to say no to drugs. That was a good idea, and I’m all for saying no to drugs. But have you ever noticed how quickly “No” rolls off the tongue of most people, especially parents? A […]

Behind the Scenes


I’ve just come in from a lovely Friday night out with hubby. It was a long, but wonderful week, and I was ready to get away from the computer. Of course, always in the back of my mind, I’m thinking of the next story to write for my blog, and I’m constantly on the […]

The Lost Art of Thanks


Pure, unselfish acts of kindness are rare, but each occasion of graciousness extended toward us is cause for celebration. Sometimes it’s a lonely walk where we’re going and the farther we climb, the thinner the crowd. When someone decides to help us in whatever way – small or large – it deserves an […]

Have You Lost Your Jingle?


The Jester and Pharley

When Jonathan, my 4-year old grandson, was big enough to sit on my lap and listen, we started reading together (well, I read and he listened). One book in particular became his very favorite and he would ask for it over and over. It’s entitled, “The Jester Has […]

It Ain’t Over til It’s Over – Right On, Yogi!


First, let me set the stage for you…

I had worked since early this morning and I was taking a break to eat dinner with my husband and watch a little of the Phillies vs. Braves baseball game. It really makes him happy when I watch sports with him, and I’ve learned enough […]