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3 Things That Drive Me Nuts Online

As I become more and more involved in the different social media, I am able to observe the different ways people act online.  Personalities definitely shine, even in 140 characters. This can be a really good thing – an art form, really.  But it can also be boorish, annoying and a waste of my time and yours.

Here are my top 3 Things That Drive Me Crazy Online

  1. Profile pictures that don’t match who you are. I do not care about your favorite cartoon, your dog, your cat or your bird.  I’m happy you have a family and I hope you’re enjoying them immensely, but I don’t want to see cute baby pictures – and that includes childhood pictures of YOU!  One notable exception:  Post those pics on Facebook, but not as your profile picture.  Put them into an album, and then one night when I just want to cruise around on the net and get to know someone a little better, I may pop in an take a look at your DisneyWorld vacation.  But that’s only after I’ve gotten to know you a little.
  2. Assuming I want to play dumb, mind-numbing, time-wasting games on Facebook. I don’t. Find your Farkles somewhere else. And if you’re so intrigued with farming, move to Kansas. I also don’t want to receive flowers, hugs, puppies and kittens, and I am not interested in the twisted theology that departed loved ones have come back in the form of angels and need disbursing on Facebook. (Angels are real, but people don’t become angels – sorry).
  3. Don’t send me an auto-generated message on Twitter and ask me to go to your site and check out your stuff. How about a nice hello first?  Can you imagine going to a party, walking up to someone and saying, “I’m Jeanne. I’m drinking a margarita and I want you to go to my website and see what you might like to buy.”  People would be wasting no time getting away from me.  Yet, that’s what I see people doing everyday on Twitter.  It annoys the %#$#$ out of me and it’s all I can do to not hit the Unfollow button.


What really attracts me is when it looks like someone has offered something of value, or at least information that is interesting. Many times, I’ll click on a link and read an article, and then it may lead to my wondering who was behind all this great information, and I’ll click on their website and possibly bookmark that site.  That happened twice this morning.

The internet is a fascinating place to work and play.  Be thoughtful and use some common sense.  You’ll be oh, so much more popular.

What about you?  What drives you crazy?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.