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A Clean Office and Good Bookkeeping Lead to Profitability and Success


Do you think that appearances count for much? After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, isn’t it? The answer is no, it’s not just what’s “on the inside” that counts. And yes, appearances mean a lot. This can apply to any area of our lives – the personal side as well as […]

One Step At A Time…The Daffodil Syndrome


Oh, I know we’ve all heard that most of our lives. Just one little step at a time and we’ll get anything done. But do we really believe that? Especially when we aren’t exactly sure where we’re headed sometimes, or how long it might take to get there. I want to tell you a […]

Tips to Get It All Done When Starting an Online Business While You Still Have a Day Job


I have owned a telecommunications consulting business for over 16 years. I started the company, I built it, nurtured it and enjoy a great little cash flow from it and am able to work from home. But, last year, I decided to branch out and create an online marketing business. I welcomed the challenge, […]

Chasing a Lion and Slaying Regret


Have you ever really wanted to do something that required some risk and while you were still trying to make up your mind to be bold enough to do it, the opportunity went right on by, and you knew you could not get it back? I have – on more than one occasion. I […]

How to Encourage Yourself – A Lesson Learned from Abe Lincoln


I used to live in Washington, D.C. as a teenager (many years ago) and one of my favorite places there was the Smithsonian Institute. If we ever had a free afternoon, we would head over and just choose one small area and look around. I think we had season’s passes. I absolutely love American […]

Stop Procrastination and Clear Your Mental Clutter


No one would want to admit to it, but we all procrastinate. It’s something we fussed at our kids about, and our parents did the same to us. But, here we are as adults, still finding that we procrastinate. There are many things that will drain your energy and put a damper on your […]

Tips to Get Your Goals to Sprout Wings and Fly


We all know the power of goals, the power of vision, and the power of direction. But once we know what our goals are, how to we give life to them? There is a favorite Scripture of mine – Proverbs 29:18. It says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” I’ll paraphrase it, […]

The Day I Ditched Technology and Went Unplugged – I Learned an Important Life Lesson


Swedish Summer House

This week I got an email from a friend who has been my online mentor and teacher. She is visiting family in Finland, but she still finds time to write to her students and friends. She said she was getting ready to go spend the day at the “summer […]

Here I Go Again – Join Me in the Ultimate Blog Challenge!


Hello! It’s August 1, and I can hardly believe that 2/3 of the summer is gone!

Usually, I take it easy in August and crank things into high gear in September, but this year, I took some time away from my normal schedule in July, and I’m ready to crank things up in […]