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Just Say Yes!

Just Say Yes!

Nancy Reagan started the “Just Say No” campaign to help train young people to say no to drugs.  That was a good idea, and I’m all for saying no to drugs.  But have you ever noticed how quickly “No” rolls off the tongue of most people, especially parents?  A lot of counselors teach people to “learn to say no” in an effort to get them to quit letting people take advantage of them.  That’s a good idea, too.

But I want to tell you about the power of “YES.”  My children are now grown and I have five grandchildren, ages 2-9.  When my own children were young, I was very young myself, and still guided by a tremendous sense of adventure that I inadvertently passed along to my offspring.  Without realizing it, saying YES became the norm for me, unless there was a compelling reason to say no – for instance, if someone else’s rights were violated (drinking cherry Kool-Aid on the neighbor’s white carpet,) or if someone stood the chance of being injured or put into harm’s way.  (No, they could NOT play in the street!)  I found that if my default answer was YES, then when I did say NO, the kids trusted me with that answer.  I honestly don’t remember any issues of blatant disobedience or high drama over being told no occasionally.

Now, the grandchildren are loving this same set of standards.  As I recently  traveled back from Florida, bringing a 2 year-old and a 4-year-old to visit here in Myrtle Beach for a week (sans parents), Jonathan (4), said to me, “Meemaw, when we get to your house, I want to stay up all night and eat macaroni & cheese in bed.  So I said OK, and that’s what we did.  He lasted until 2:30 am, much to the surprise of his parents.  On that same trip, I asked them what they wanted for dinner and they said “Chocolate ice cream.”  You guessed it – we had chocolate ice cream for dinner (with some chicken nuggets for dessert). The week of Easter in Myrtle Beach, our pool water was still frigid, in my opinion;  but when they asked if they could jump in with their clothes on, of course I said YES and I fished them out when their lips were blue and their teeth were chattering.  (Even the dog’s teeth were chattering).

Saying “Why Not?” and  then trying new and off-the-wall things can be good for business as well as provide for a very interesting personal life.  It’s so much fun to just say YES and see what happens.  You can always change your mind.  On a “surfing expedition” I found Connie Ragen Green and Deb LaQua and Mynders Glover online one day.  I had recently launched a new online business with a partner – Business Training Team.  I knew I had a LOT to learn about online marketing.  On an impulse, I signed up for an Online Revenue Builders conference being held in Las Vegas.  Within 5 days, I was THERE.  Most people would have said that wasn’t enough time to plan properly.  My husband knew better than to even question it –  he knew I was going.  The airfare was too high with such short notice, so I contacted my nephew in Oakland, CA, who is the terminal manager for Delta.  He graciously arranged for a Buddy Pass, and away I went.  I even talked my partner, Sue, into going on short notice and we shared the room expenses.  It was a GREAT trip and the result is that I have a wonderful mentor in Connie, and now I’m in this blogging challenge, having met so many wonderful people – and if you’re reading this, chances are that includes you.

Do you see what I mean?  A lifetime of saying no to everything stunts your creativity.

Yes, I plan ahead and I have goals and I try to work smart and hard, but I’ll always probably say YES way more than most people.

Be careful what you ask me to do! 🙂

PS…Deb & Mynders asked us to come to Colorado and go fly fishing and we’re going in August.  See?  You’re missing out when you don’t say yes.