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Gathering Energy – a Necessary Habit

As I write this on a beautiful Sunday morning, I’ve just turned down an invitation to take a motorcycle ride up to Calabash, NC, the seafood capital of our coast, for a nice lunch outside overlooking the water.  Gee, that really sounds good, huh?  The thing is, I was gone all day yesterday helping with the outdoor wedding of a good friend.  It was a great day, complete with good food, friends, and it ended with some of us building a fire down by the water as the evening grew cooler.  It was hard to get up and go home.

BUT, today I feel I must stay home, get some things done (laundry, meal-planning, etc.), but most importantly, I feel I am gathering energy for what I know will be a busy week.  I have learned that I cannot do my best for my family, my businesses, and myself if I run 24/7.

This has to be intentional.  If we “go with the flow” and accept every invitation that comes along, no matter how enticing, we will eventually be the loser.  Take time for yourself.  Take time to plan,  to just be quiet sometimes, to read a good book.  Invest in some education time for yourself.  I have a folder full of eBooks, video training material and special reports that I need to review, take notes, and act upon.  I am beginning to schedule these things; if I leave them to fit in “whenever” it won’t get done.

So, today…I’m gathering my energy.  Are you?